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Do you eat a lot of snack food?

Asked by JLeslie (59525points) April 26th, 2012

Fruits and vegetables do not count for this question.

I mean things like potato chips (crisps), crackers, cookies, popcorn, Doritos, that sort of thing. Also including, poptarts, protein bars, candy, and basically anything that is processed and packaged for quick consumption, but not includinh frozen or boxed meals to be zapped in a microwave.

Do you have these foods at home? Or, only at work or while out?

I rarely eat snack foods, if I do it is usually a side with a meal. I am more likely to buy a snack food when away from home than keep it in my house. My husband likes some snacks, so with him in the house I keep and eat more than before I was married.

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I don’t eat a lot of snack food but I usually have a few pieces of candy a day.

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I’m not big on junk food snacks either. Right now, there is a container of trail mix and a bag of ginger snaps in the kitchen cabinet that were purchased a month ago. The trail mix is half gone; the cookies remain unopened. I do like pretzels, but rarely buy them.

When in the UK, it’s a bit different. The SO’s mum is a huge fan of crisps, so they are kept on hand, as well as biscuits (cookies). The cheese in England is to die for, and it’s difficult for me to refrain from snacking on it.

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Ungreased pop corn at the movies is my treat.

Otherwise a few T of ice cream.

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If it’s in the house, I’ll eat it, so, I don’t buy it.

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With the exception of chocolate chip cookies (‘natch), not really.

That being said, I’ve recently gotten into Kashi Almond Oat Bars. They’re yummy with lots of fiber and pretty low in sugar (6grams).

I also like almonds, pecans, and walnuts on occasion.

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What does “a lot” mean?

Yes, at home.

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@cprevite You sound like my BIL. Sis went on vacation without him one time and prepared meals for him before leaving. When she got back, a fair amount of the food was untouched, but all of the nuts, chocolate chips and marshmallows were gone from her “baking” cabinet.

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No, but occasionally I can’t resist potato chips. I do have a tablespoon of chocolate almost everyday. But, hey, don’t include cheese and ice cream on this list. One is a staple ingredient; the other is dessert.

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@Pied_Pfeffer: I can do my own cooking, but I do raid the baking cabinet for nuts.

Gee, I wonder how many folks have a “baking cabinet”?

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I don’t eat snack food. If I’m hungry between meals, I eat fruit or something healthy. It’s really something I’ve just never done. Better to eat balanced meals than snacking all day.

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Not anymore, but I used to.

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I try not to but sometimes I can eat too many tostitos or nutella or ice cream.

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Nutella is the devil. ;)

I like to eat it by the spoonful.

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Sighs Yes. I shouldn’t, but I do. I am trying to stop, and limit my intake of food altogether. Snack foods are the hardest.

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I don’t buy much snack food because if it is in the house I eat it until it is gone. Chocolate, crisps, biscuits, peanuts I like them all. If it isn’t readily available I don’t miss it.

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I used to eat them all the time, but since I started eating healthily and working out I very rarely do. I do eat pretzels and graham crackers, and sometimes a Kashi bar. Most of the time, though, if I want a snack I have some fruit, vegetables, pistachios, or yogurt.

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Almost never. We went on a long-ish car trip recently (about 6 hours each way) and I didn’t want to be stuck with fast food, so I packed a bunch of car snacks—pretzels, nuts, these addictive sesame things from Trader Joes. That was 2 weekends ago, and I’m still trying to finish everything.

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Never because snacks (that aren’t fruits or vegetables or something very basic like bread and butter) are expensive! I have no room in my budget for chips.

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Probably more than most; a lot less than I used to.

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I know I will eat it if it is in the cupboard so I don’t buy it. I also don’t keep soft drink at home because my kids used to want to drink it if it was there. I might have an occasional piece of cake when we go out for coffee, an ice cream at the movies but it is a treat not a regular part of my diet. We always have some fruit and Greek yoghurt in the fridge though. For when you want something sweet. Berries with Greek yoghurt is so yummy it feels bad.

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Chocolate anywhere in the house, I will find it and inhale it.

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We almost always have snack foods in our house, but we don’t usually eat them daily. We just like to have them around for when we want them (especially with me being pregnant and getting cravings at odd hours of the night).

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At the moment I am on a Crasin kick. They look like red raisins but are dried cranberries. They have sugar added so are not a diet treat, but wow are they good, especially with a handful of freshly roasted almonds.

I don’t eat much junk food except I am addicted to Coke so I have been allowing myself 1 can a day. I need cokaholics anonymous!!! I have quit so many times I can’t begin to tell you, but I always fall off the wagon. (Hangs head in shame)

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Yes, I love snack foods.

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I’ve been on the run a lot lately, so yes. I try to eat healthier snacks, though. I love nuts and always have those in my bag. I also like dried cranberries, and those whole wheat crackers that are a healthier version of Triscuits that Trader Joe’s makes. I think they’re called Woven Wheats. I also love those little individual packs of string cheese and peanut butter filled pretzels, and spicy peanuts and honey roasted peanuts and sesame sticks and Asian rice crackers. And I love the breakfast bars made by Kashi and Health Valley.

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m&ms are not a snack – they are the 5th food group

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I eat a lot of popcorn. Occasionally I’ll eat potato chips. I’m not a huge candy eater but I will eat chocolate sometimes. I like Mr. Goodbar. I also love beef jerky.

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