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Has the NRA ever condemned a shooting?

Asked by Charles (4804points) April 30th, 2012

Whenever a shooting occurs the NRA seems to always side with the shooter, regardless of the circumstances. Has it ever been different?

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Probably not. I cannot find a record of it ever having done so.

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I don’t know of any circumstance where the NRA sided with a shooter where it wasn’t an issue related to self-defense or protection of person or property.

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As a life member of the NRA even I doubt you will see much from the NRA about negative images of gun use. FOR THE GREAT REASON that the opposition will twist what is said to promote an anti gun stance.

I can tell you for a FACT that the NRA has done more to promote responsible gun ownership over it’s existence than any other organization ever has. Without organizations like the NRA, only criminals would have guns and I can assure you the US would be in a would of hurt.

WIth that said, no organization is perfect and the NRA is not.

I do believe the NRA has come out against and spoken out on “Fast and Furious” where our own government let guns be sold to Mexican drug cartels that ended up killing American Border Agents.

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I suspect that they would condemn a shooting if it was one of its members. I suspect that situation is very rare or non-existent. The like scenario is for an NRA member to shoot a young black guy and shooting of black people is NEVER condemned by the NRA.

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Really? “Whenever” it occurs? So you have evidence, then, that the NRA sided with the shooters at Columbine? At Virginia Tech? At other schools and synagogues around the country?

This is a foolish opinion masquerading as a foolish question.

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I wonder how many members have shot themselves accidentally.

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@CWOTUS When the NRA condemns shootings like Columbine and Va. Tech. they always criticize the perpetrators but were very mild criticizing the people that allowed the shooters access to the weapons. Also it is never wrong to buy guns whose only function can be to kill people or extended clips that allow murders more shots before reloading.

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“This is a foolish opinion masquerading as a foolish question.”

Is that why it got 5 “Great Question” votes?

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@Charles No it got 5 GQ’s because it fits the opinion of most people on Fluther which is left leaning. That’s why people with liberal points of view have high Lurve numbers.

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Well, @Ron_C, according to another thread from today, “we all are the government”, therefore “we all” allowed the shooters access to the weapons. Bring down the fire on your own head as much as you bring it to others’.

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@CWOTUS I absolutely agree that “we are all the government”. The only problem is that in a representative democracy, some of us either didn’t work hard enough to get an issure passed or we are too few in number. I suspect that it is the latter, those of us that support a reasonable set of gun laws did not work hard enough to thwart the will if the few and the hardcore gun activist.

In that vein, I am partially responsible for the shooters’ action. The difference is that I recognize that fact and the NRA/gun lobby does not.

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Ah, I see, @Ron_C. So you’re one of the crowd that thinks “if only we had a law against shooting people” or “acquiring guns to shoot people” or “firing guns with live ammunition in a school building” or some other – insert your own reasonable-sounding law here – we could have prevented these massacres.

Gosh. While we’re at it, why don’t we pass a law against “stupid”, too. That should fix the problem once and for all.

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@CWOTUS actually, I suspect that we have enough laws on the books, what we need is to streamline them and actually enforce them in a reasonable manner. That doesn’t include the ridiculous “zero tolerance” laws that get kids thrown out of grade school for having a pen knife.

I really would like to have a law to keep stupid from buying a gun. How about if you get arrested and found guilty for beating your wife or bullying kids, you can never have a gun?

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Whenever I see threads like this, it reminds me of a short story I believe by Ray Bradbury. A soldier/military researcher invents a machine that can turn weapons into into dust, he brings it to his boss claiming it is a device that can save lives and stop violence. His boss laughs at him and says something along the lines of even if you destroyed every missile and gun, we’d come at each other with swords and axes, take away swords and axes, we’d come at each other with sticks and stones, take away sticks and stones, we’d come at each other with with punches and kicks, take away the limbs, we’d lay there spitting on each other. The researcher walks away but had activated his machine which turned his boss’s pen (which was made from spent shells) into dust. His boss, seeing this, tears off a leg of a chair and goes after the researcher.

Now with that out of the way, I find the premise of the question to be extremely silly. The NRA is simply a lobbyist group that supports private ownership of guns as given by 2nd Amendment Rights. Sure, they celebrate the gun owners who successfully defend themselves via use of firearm (like that single mother not too long ago who called 911 for “permission” [as some like to say] to shoot the man who was breaking and entering her home posing a threat to herself and her child) and use it as reason for gun ownership, but when you think about it, they don’t need to denounce shooters and use that as reason for regulating/banning guns when there are plenty of leftist persons, such as (I assume) yourself, who do just that. You already balance out the NRA and the like so why should they also hop on the bandwagon you’re already on?

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I hereby condemn the shooting of that arrow into Charlton Heston in El Cid, he should’ve lived god damn your eyes.

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@ucme lol you sir, get four thumbs up

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NRA supports pretty much any new legislation that involves harsher penalties for armed assault. Unfortunately because of the extremely high numbers of black on black murder they have to contend with ACLU et al, citing high proportion of blacks being incarcerated. Then are accused of being a racist organization because of it.Whatta ya gonna do?

NRA was a major supporter of “Prject Exile”

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