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How long does it take chlorine to dissipate from treated water?

Asked by DaphneT (5745points) May 4th, 2012

Does chlorine dissipate completely if left in an open container?

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24 hours should do it.

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Pretty much, yes. It depends on how much water and how much chlorine to determine the time frame.
I have a hot tub that I treat minimally because right now tree frogs are breeding and they get under the cover to make froggy love in my spa. haha
I only use about 1/6th of a cup per 400 gallons and at this rate it will dissipate weekly.

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It depends on a lot of variables. In the swimming pools, if it’s hot and/or it gets a lot of use it dissipates a lot quicker.

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Is this for in your aquarium?

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For the aquarium we always let tap water sit in an open container for 24 hours.

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Actually it’s city tap water. I’ve assumed that if you can smell the chlorine, it’s still in the water and I’d prefer to minimize the amount of chlorine I drink. This is at work, so I don’t control the intall-a-filter option.

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A friend of mine works for the water department. She told us the chlorine should be undetectable in water that has been in pipes for three or four days. By the time it gets to my house, it’s undetectable.

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@wundayatta, the water must not stay in the pipes that long. I always get a whiff of chlorine when I turn on the faucet at work.

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@DaphneT We seem to live several water travel days away from where the water gets treated.

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