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Is love God?

Asked by wundayatta (58663points) May 5th, 2012

I’m in the park on a Saturday morning, listening the the Mennonite choir singing “God is love,” and wondering if it works the other way around. I guess God is love, but it is possible that God is only a certain kind of love, and other forms of love are not God or Godly.

From your perspective, theoretically speaking, and setting aside the issue of God’s existence for the moment, if God is love, then are all forms of love God, or only certain forms of love God? What is your reasoning behind your opinion?

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Love is god, and god is love. God is everything, so everything is god, and god is everything. My head hurts.

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I use the term “God” to mean the one life that we are all part of. So yes, life is love and love is life substitute God if you so choose.

I like that saying that we don’t have a life, we are life.
I am “blessed” to deeply feel the interconnectedness of everything which is a manifestation of love.
I was just wandering around my beautiful yard a few minutes ago, listening to the birds, watching the geese toddle around in the green grass, the cats frolicking around, the wild turkeys displaying, deer at the wood edge across the road…yes, I just experienced love, the love of being a part of it all on this magnificent Sierra foothill morning! :-D

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I think God = good and vice versa. It’s the better side of human behavior and nature. But then there’s that god of vengeance and that doesn’t fit, does it. ‘Tis a grand mystery.

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No. But Genocide is God. Misogyny is God. Homophobia is God. Slavery is God.

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It depends on what the meaning of is is, as Bill Clinton would say.

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Love is indeed God. Two man made concepts. It hardly matters what kind of love it is.

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I was wondering if people whose religion tells them that homosexuality is bad would think that homosexual love is not God. Among other things.

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“God has been unconditionally loving since about 1965.” – T.M. Luhrmann (link)

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Fluther management submits that Love is Dog.

But to the greater world, Love is far closer to God than the god of the desert appears to be to love. The god of the desert is a god full of wrath and vengeance, who created a world with rules that compel almost the entire creation to transgress and sin in such flagrant fashion that, of the many, many billions who have walked the Earth since creation, only 120,000 will escape his wrath. All the others will suffer eternal, incomprehensible pain in the lake of brimstone and fire.

Now I ask you, is that a loving parent or what? And the answer that I get is NO! Even human parents are far more loving than that.

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You spelt it wrong, love is go o d.

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Lets say that X is something who’s existence can not be demonstrated or proven and is dependent on faith. If you can accept that then you can make X equal anything that you want. And so you might as well make X stand for something that makes you feel good.

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If one thinks so, then yes.

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As far as technicality goes, The bible is supposed to explain all that. Love your family, but don’t fuck a corpse. Stuff like that. I guess love is only applicable if approved by God, but I don’t know how much of what someone feels matters unless it’s in line with God’s word and rules, from what I can understand.

Not that I would have sex with a corpse I mean that’s not what I’m saying

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@Symbeline Let’s just let that discussion die. :-)

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Both of them are slogans. Sort of like “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem” or “Everybody should pay their fair share’. Sounds good at first, but meaningless upon rational scrutiny.

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