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Are chiropractors good for conditions other than spinal problems?

Asked by nmguy (528points) May 6th, 2012

I have a friend who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. Someone recommended that she see a chiropractor. This doesn’t make sense to me, because I think seeing a neurologist would be appropriate. Am I out of it for feeling this way?

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Chiropractors operate on the assumption that all illness results from skeletal problems.
It is pseudoscience and quackery, pure and simple, and you should consult actual professionals instead.

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Surely she has a team of Drs. who treat her Parkinson’s? They can suggest non-medical modalities that other sufferers have found helpful.

My father suffered from Parkinson’s and tried, once, a massage, and didn’t like it. But he was an old-fashioned man who probably would have hated a massage even if he, in his mid-seventies, had been healthy.

Here’s what The Mayo Clinic says about Massage as an anxillary treatment for Parkinson’s. It does no harm and may offer some relief.

I would not seek help from a chiropractor for her Parkinson’s.

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It can also kill you: “Although rare, spinal manipulation, particularly on the upper spine, can also result in complications that can lead to permanent disability or death; these can occur in adults and children.” –

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I have had many visits to chiropractors for my really bad back. I can honestly say that I have never had any relief, during or after a visit. Just a bunch of popping noises.

Chiroprators may have a reason in life, but they were of no help to me.

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I’d think accupuncture might be more helpful. I have nothing but good things to say about accupuncture.

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@ragingloli is correct. They are a good cure for “too much money in my wallet” syndrome.

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Every chiropractor I have ever met is convinced that chiropractic can cure everything from back pain to allergies to asthma. In my experience chiropractic has helped with back pain and nothing else. I had a chiropractor convinced that he could help the pain in my shoulder. He adjusted me and fixed the subluxations that were supposedly causing the pain. Well after a couple of visits the pain was still there – turns out I had a torn rotator cuff (a condition the chiropractor steadfastly asserted was not the cause of my problem) that required surgery.

I am a huge believer in researching every available treatment option. In my research of lots of different kinds of alternative medicines chiropractic – except in the case of helping back pain – just doesn’t pass muster. I wouldn’t rule out alternative treatments as a compliment to traditional treatments, but I would stick mostly with a doctor trained in traditional western medicine.

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Many people I knew had great experiences with chiropractors, when it came to general aches and pains. I’ve heard great things about accupuncture as well for that same purpose. I’m not so sure about illness and disease though. Here is an article about chiropractory from quackwatch. Personally though I think that Dr. Barrett is a bit too hard on chiropractors. I wish there was more of the other viewpoints on here when it comes to these types of topics. Maybe we could hear from a chiropractor themselves on fluther. Probably not.

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My experience (vicarious) suggests that chiropractors can offer effective treatment in some cases, but not all.

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I have used a chiropractor for shoulder pain due to bad posture/repetitive stress. Mechanical manipulation for a mechanical problem – seemed to help. Mechanical manipulation for a medical problem – doubtful.

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