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Would a pregnancy be more likely to occur from a married couple or a couple just living together?

Asked by john65pennington (29182points) May 7th, 2012

Offhand, I am thinking of a married couple that most likely would become pregnant, because of the stability of the marriage, compared to a couple that just lives together.

Question: So, which couple is more likely to become pregnant? A married couple or a couple just living together?

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Whichever couple is more consistent with their sex life.

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I don’t think it depends on relationship status, but on how regularly they have sex and whether they use protection.

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Unmarried couples have more sex.

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I think you need to consider all the dynamics at play. When you are single you are pretty much programmed to not get pregnant even sans birth control and you conduct yourself accordingly. At least in my case I got away with it for 20 years until my wife and I decided the time was right to have a a family. The next day we knew we were on our way to doing just that.

@filmfann Speak for them and yourself!

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Whoever is more sexually active. I would assume teens and young adults are most likely whether married or not.

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I don’t think it depends on marital status. It would be based on whoever is more sexually active and whoever uses birth control most consistently.

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John, do you know how babies are formed? It has nothing to do with the status of the relationship. If they’re having sex without contraception (and even with contraception, to a lesser degree) there is a chance they will become pregnant. It’s all about the frequency of sex, and nothing else.

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Unmarried couples may be of the same sex more often than married couples. Married couple frequency of intercourse tends to decline after marriage unless they both work hard to keep the spark alive between them. Married coupled are much more likely to plan when and if they want to hard children and may rely on contraceptive methods for which both partners take responsibility. Living together couples may be more strongly motivated to avoid pregnancy but often the female takes most of the responsibility. I hope this is a helpful answer.

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It depends on how indecent both couples are. When it’s in long enough and deep enough, it’s in decent, so they’re more likely to get preggers.

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Conception does not discriminate.

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FutureMemory, of course I know how babies are formed.

I can see from the above answers, that couples living together must be taking better caution by using contraception, without fail.

Married couples appear to be less cautious and have sex more.

Bottomline, it appears that either way, it’s a gamble.

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@john65pennington: I don’t think you should assume that married couples have sex more.

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“I can see from the above answers, that couples living together must be taking better caution by using contraception, without fail.

Married couples appear to be less cautious and have sex more.”

There is nothing here to indicate factual information. You have a few answers from a few people. You are as in the dark now as when you asked the question.

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married or not…that is not the key issue.

It is responsible birth control. or the lack of.

many get married because of the bun in the oven.

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Last I checked, my marriage certificate didn’t work as birth control or a fertility totem.

wonders what colour the sky is in JP’s world

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@john65pennington A lot of the comments on here and those I have heard in real life tend to think that married couples have sex less!!! Generalising of course.

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Most sex studies say qute the opposite, Leanne

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My answer was meant to be “tongue in cheek”, I don’t think every single couple stop having sex as soon as there is a ring on the finger!!!

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