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How to stop heart burn whilst pregnant?

Asked by tan235 (877points) August 30th, 2011

I have the WORST heart burn, it radiates to my back and i’ve been to my doctor about it – before I feel pregnant and she said it’s quite common. Now I have it and it’s so painful, I’ve taken about 8 tums I don’t think I should take anymore, what else can I do?!
Can I take prilosec whilst 1st trimester – it’s the most pain I’ve ever been in…. help!

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I hear you. I drank a gallon of milk per day for relief.

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I“m in so much pain!
I’ve just put a hottie on my back, not to hot… did anyone else get it in their back?!
I don’t know how many tums you can take whilst pregnant… but ouch ouch ouch.

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Ahhh, Okay. So I’m not pregnant, and can never be. BUT I used to get the worse heart burns! I’m only 23, heart burns plus ulcers no beuno! What you immediately have to do is just take it. Avoid, taking anti acid medicine, you actually need acid in your stomach to break down the foods, what has happened is that the acid has touched the very top of your stomach line. Water, sitting up, and bananas are the best ways to fight this acid. Tums is a lousy anti acid in itself. Along side with a banana, and the water, I highly recommend positive thinking. And my best advice is, once the pain is gone, avoid ALL foods that can cause heart burns! And always never eat, then lay down. I would google, “heartburn foods to avoid.”

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You might find that bathing in warm water will help as well.

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yeah totally @dreamwolf i forgot about bananas, I“m going to do that right now…. only issue is that i’m craving all the foods that give me heart burn – ha ha….. ironic.
But you know I“ll eat something else as heart burn really ‘burns’..... x

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Good luck! I know the pain is all too excruciating. Definitely eliminate all fried foods! Honestly, since I had a major week of heart burn this summer, I’m on a banana regimen. One for breakfast, and one with my dinner (so it gets all mixed up with my food :D)

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yeah such a good idea, thanks…. feeling much better actually – havn’t eaten a banana but I did some deep breathing and some ‘mental pushing down’ of the acid, seems to have worked so far…so painful… x

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You can take Zantac while pregnant. I had the worst heartburn while pregnant and took it through most of my pregnancy and my baby girl is healthy as can be! Also your OB/GYN can write a prescription so you don’t have to pay the over the counter price.

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Oh yes, deep breathing gets the oxygens down and good in the blood to help get your stomach to start moving the acids out. Prepare for, diarrhea! :p

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oh I“m welcoming diarrhea! ha ha…. I“m happy for the acid to come out any way… as long as it comes out and just doesn’t sit festering in my body – it really doesn’t feel healthy!
Zantac ok I’m going to the chemist.

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Aren’t Tums good for that? Mostly harmless, IIRC. Heck, I used to get one along with my Flintstones as a kid.

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Bananas give me heartburn. I took 4 tums at a time 10 times a day- the fruitflavored ones. Ice water is much better than milk, honey on saltless crackers helped me a little. You do need acid for digestion but some of us make too much. There’s no need to suffer through it. Watch what you eat, of course and don’t lie down after you eat.

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I used to take Rolaids, and I would buy a big huge container of them at the Costco. I also thought iced drinks helped a lot. Bananas too. I was pregnant with twins and had constant heartburn. Eat lots of small meals instead of the usual 3.

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Prilosec OTC is pregnancy category C, which is means there’s not enough data. But it’s probably ok.

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The simplest thing I’ve found is to drink very hot water a few sips at a time. If I get heartburn in a restaurant, I ask for hot water for in a cup. It seems to work immediately. It’s worth a try, although yours sound more painful than any I’ve experienced.

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A lot of different things can be characterized as heartburn. If you mean acid reflux, then milk is not going to help you, because fat is an acid… and that will only make it worse even though it may feel soothing for a short while. As @dreamwolf said, the best thing you can do is drink water.

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