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What are some good West Coast USA flower and vegetable seed sources?

Asked by 2davidc8 (7754points) May 7th, 2012

Somehow it seems that all of the large, well-known firms that sell flower and vegetable seeds nationwide are in the East. Firms such as Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Park Seed, Stokes Seeds, Gurney’s, Thompson & Morgan, etc., are all located in the eastern part of the US. Why is that?

The only western one that I know of is Burpee’s. Since what grows well in the east may not grow as well in the west, I’m interested finding more seed firms that you have personally used that are reliable and that have good products.

Just so you don’t misunderstand, I’m not unhappy with the above-mentioned firms. I’ve used all of the them in the past, and they’re great, with excellent customer service. (I used to live in other parts of the country.)

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Contact me at the end of the summer and I’ll send you some of my 5th year hybrid Morning Glory seeds with all sorts of wild mutated colors. haha
Gotta grow your own. I’m also good for some great NorCal hybrid herbal essence. :-) Best Happy Brownies this side of the Mississippi. lol

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Buy your seeds from any reputable firm. The blurb on the package or on the internet link will give you zones and best location.

Also Google botanical gardens near you and see what annuals and veggie they grow.

W. coast has varied temps. and weathers. Where are you? So Cal. or Seattle? It makes a difference. The actual coast is unimportant. I, in NYS, can’t grow what my friends in Georgia do.

Ask more specific questions and the gardeners here will be thrilled to reply.

Most veggies will grow; all you need to know is when to plant.

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@gailcalled Agreed. And yes, there are many, many different climatic regions on the west coast. The reason I ask, for example, is that in the very foggy and humid areas of San Francisco, powdery mildew and mold is a big problem with sugar peas and snap peas, and even some tomatoes. So, I thought that a west coast source might be more likely to carry varieties that are more resistant.

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