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If you could make a new breakfast cereal what would it be?

Asked by Cruiser (40434points) May 8th, 2012

Breakfast can be boring so what would be a new exciting cereal for breakfast?

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There used to be cereal I loved, but was discontinued. It had flakes and oat clusters with various dried fruits.

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Semen flakes
Just to see how many people would buy it

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It could be eaten either hot or cold, with milk or just water. It would have no added sugar. It would be high fiber and have some real fruit in it.
It would be crunchy at first and then get softer for those times you don’t like crunch.
There might be this kind of cereal out there already, I haven’t found it yet.

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@wilma Yes they already have just that….it’s called mulch!

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Just to prove that if you can think, it is on the internet:

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Betty Boop Booby Clusters. Stays hard in milk.

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Something with whole grain in it, wrapped around dried fruit like cherries, apricots, prunes, blueberries, raisins etc. Since there isn’t anything like that which I know about, I add dried blueberries and tiny chocolate bits to a crunchy multi-grain cereal. Add milk. Delicious.

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Something with blueberries, chocolate, and Frosted Mini Wheats. Yummmmm!

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“Driveway Gravel” compare to Grape Nuts – you get 33% more.

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Dahmer Flakes, that’s right….cereal killers.

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@Sunny2 Easy to do-it-yourself!

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I would love a cereal that tastes like french toast!

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@Michael_Huntington dude gross

They should make zombie themed cereal. It could have cereal shaped like limbs, heads, eyeballs, twirly gut cereal. They should be coated with green colored sugar icing, with big red chunks that turn your milk red. That would rule.

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Someone probably already makes this, but I wish they sold premade muesli mix at stores near me. There’s granola, trail mix, oatmeal, etc. etc., but nothing that’s exactly like the deliciousness of muesli. I’m really lazy and don’t usually get around to putting it together myself. I want to buy it in a box, like breakfast cereal, and add milk the night before.

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