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Have you ever made your own cereal (mix)? If so, what did you put in it?

Asked by jca (36062points) October 27th, 2010

I am interested in making my own cold cereal and I have known people that have jars of various seeds, fruits, nuts and brans and mixed them up themselves.

Do you make your own cereal and if so, what do you put?

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Honey Bunches of Oats, Honey Nut Cheerios and Corn Flakes, and Frosted Flakes

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I got Captain Crunch and put Nerds in it… it was pretty disgusting, though. The milk was an interesting color!

An idea for making your own cereal might be to go to one of those Cereal restaurants like Cereality and asking them what they think would go well together.

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Go for the ‘original’ granola that masqueraded as horse feed for years.

Yep, buy a big bag of sweet ‘COB’ ( corn, oats and barley ) with molasses….it’ll put a kick in your mule and you will be feelin’ your oats in no time. lol

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@Coloma: I see what you did there.

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This might be a tad off subject, but has anyone else drizzled maple syrup on your Wheaties?

Love it.

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Take chewy chocolate brownie mix blend in Captain Crunch and some dried cherries and pour on large cookie sheet in one thin layer and bake for 35 mins. Presto! Energy Bars that will have you rocketing down the bike trail! Don’t forget the powdered sugar!

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I used to buy whole oats and grind them in my food processor. I just buy ready to eat oatmeal now.

I buy one or two boxes of the more expensive cereal, and then mix them in with bags of the cheaper corn flakes, oat flakes and wheat flakes to make them tastier.

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Just give me some fuckin marshmellows and im a happy guy :P

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—Damn, hungry now for a brownie bar, going to bed, mumbling, slow fade——————————

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granola, chocolate chips, m&ms, COCONUT (very important), craisins (or raisins)

Those are the important ones. Other than that, just add stuff that you like!

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OMG, I love coconut…time for bed again. lol

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cheerios and “bear naked” granola with a few banana slices,....yum!

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