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How much do you know about your neighbor?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28796points) May 9th, 2012

Are you the kind of person who cares or prefers not to know anything about those folks on the other side of the fence-? Do you take the initiative to greet or avoid eye contact-? How happy are you with your neighbors these days-?

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I own a long driveway (.3) mile and my neighbors have an easement to use the bottom half. We know each other well since we share maintenance. We would be good neighbors in any circumstance.

Since I live in a largely unpopulated area, we all know each other well enough to call for help during a power outage or medical emergency.

When necessary, such as running an illegal landfill or dump, the county sheriff takes care of it.

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I keep to myself. I say hello and chat briefly if we’re outside at the same time, and I don’t go out of my way to avoid eye contact.

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Like @gailcalled we live rural. We’ve noticed that because we’re all out here in the relative countryside together..that we know a lot more of our neighbors (at least well enough to call for help or help them out) than we used to when we lived in a subdivision in suburbia.

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My neighbors are fantastic. We live in harmony with them..:)

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I just moved a year ago and so far so good though my neighbor behind me talks WAAAAY too much. My neighborhood is full of really fun people who are super friendly! As far as knowing much about them is not something I am at all concerned with. Less is better IMO.

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I live in the city. I only know general stuff, like the two cops living two doors down are lesbian, the guy to the north of them is a Mormon bishop, the couple next to me work out of town a lot (he works for an alarm company), the guy to the south of me has about a dozen people living there, the next house is a family of middle easterners, the family across from me is a young couple with a toddler boy.

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All I know about my neighbor is that she is in her 40’s and is an addict of some sort. Also, she leaves slightly psychopathic notes on my door from time to time. She claims that all I do is party and bump music at 3 in the morning, when I have never done such a thing. She scares me.

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i only know one of my neighbors and thats because she is my age and we have college classes together so we ride to school together. however if it werent for school i dont think i would know much about her and her family

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We know very little to nothing about out neighbors. We do not socialize with any of them and we only know the people across the street because they have a son the same age as ours and when they were boys, they socialized, many years ago.

I have lived in this house for 22 years, as have three of my immediate neighbors, but all the rest have changed on average of every two years.

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Well, some of them I know better than other. Mine is a pretty stable neighborhood with a lot of people who have lived here for a long time. I live in the house I grew up in and I am very close to my next door neighbors who are my generation and the wife of the couple grew up in that house to. Her brother and my brother were best friends growing up. Our families have lived next door to each other for fifty years. They’re like family. My next door neighbor on the other side recently passed away after living next door for 45 years. Her kids have yet to sell the house. I’m not looking forward to that. I’m not looking forward to getting new neighbors. You never know what you’re going to end up with. I have other neighbors who are close and have lived here a very long time too and were close friends of my parents. We look out for each other. I like that

I have also met a lot of my neighbors since I got my dog. There are a lot of dogs in my neighborhood and I’ve met some of them that way, everyone walking their dogs. And I met some new ones last week when my dog was getting out of the yard and running into their back yard.

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Every Friday they play loud 90s R&B.

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There are 10 houses on our cul-de-sac. Of the ten couples, 7 have lived in their homes for the past 20 to 22 years. Our immediate neighbors to our left is our age and have lived here for three years. My husband’s brother just bought the house across the cul-de-sac from us (going to see it for the first time TOMORROW!!!). They have all been friends all these years, play cards together once a month, play golf every Wednesday, on and on and on. We have owned our home for two years, fulltime for one year. They have accepted us into their circle like family and invite us to all their activities.

We went next door yesterday for appetizers and drinks. During the little gathering, I found out one of our neighbors’ son just retired from Marvel Comics a couple of years ago. He was Spiderman. I was floored. His son was Spiderman. He traveled the world for Marvel dressed as Spiderman promoting and doing events.

Another neighbor, a retired cop from Buffalo, NY who is in his early 80s, holds world records in archery and does triathalons. I golf with his wife.

Yep, I know alot about my neighbors. How long they’ve been married, what they did for a living, where they are from, how they ended up in Florida, what religion they practice, what their children do and how many grands and great grandchildren they have. I love these people.

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On one side they’re fine people who share common ground, on the other side they’re noisy rude fuckers who i’d quite happily put six foot under ground.

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I am ashamed to say I could pass some of my neighbours on one side and not recognise them. I have never spoken to most of them (there is a clan of them). The other side, I did go to the travel agents with my husband and didn’t know the woman I was talking to was my next door neighbour until my husband said something. I wave to some of the people in the neighbourhood and talk to the man next door briefly but that’s it really.

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I happen to know my upstairs neighbor, the neighbors downstairs, and the neighbors across the driveway. All very unique individuals. I like ‘em.

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I live in a duplex with thin walls. I knew my neighbors were getting divorced before they did.

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I live in a trailer park and I hate my neighbors! Not only are they loud and disrespectful, they’re yard looks like a tornado went through it and that crap blows in our yard. To top it off they have about 8 people living there in a 3 bedroom single wide and 2 of them were wanted in numerous places for breaking and entering!

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I just moved into my community, and I have a vested interest in meeting my neighbors. I’ve made it a point to walk up to, and shake hands with, and introduce myself, to the two neighbors who’ve been outside to give me that opportunity.

I’d love to become close friends with them, simply for the fact that neighbors are a great asset to rely on should the need come, and you know, you watch their stuff, they watch yours, you protect each other.

But honestly, neither of the neighbors I’ve approached so far seemed to care enough about making friends. So I guess that’s how it will be for now : /

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I know enough to not want to be around them.

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My neighbours change all the time. On one side is a home for the mentally disabled and on the other is dorms that house teenagers who have come over from other countries to attend English speaking schools. My road is mostly big Victorian houses but I don’t think many of them are still used as a house in the traditional sense, they have been converted into dorms, flats etc

I don’t mind chatting if we see each other but I don’t go out of my way to get to know or socialise with them.

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Well, Neighbor Jim and his wife are both dead, and the house got sold. The new owner is something of a mystery. He’s renovating the house in the evening when he gets off of work. He’s youngish, and has no appreciation for a good tree, or a weird property line. – which is ironic, since Jim was a surveyor.
Neighbor Pete lives with his daughter and granddaughter. He owns two semi-antisocial doglets. He and Jim fought over trees for some forty years, and now he’s senile and Jim’s gone. Worked for Boeing or McDonnal-Douglas making conduits for aircraft. Likes to garden, but none of his produce turns out very well.
Neighbor Charles likes to sit on his porch and smoke and watch the world go by. He’s the only porch-having person that I’ve seen in the area to actually use his porch. It’s kind of weird to be observed at random like that in your own back yard.

The neighbors up the street like to have block parties. I forgot all of their names. One of them was sticking nastygrams on my sister’s car for a while – though we don’t know exactly who

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I thought of organising a BBQ for our neighbours in the local park. Then I thought, once I open that window of opportunity, it is open and I might not want to know them after the BBQ, so I have held off doing it. Plus, I am too lazy to go to the trouble.

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UPDATE***My neighbors have finally been evicted!!!!!! YAY

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Our neighbors have a glass house…so thats enough to find out about stuff. The mom is always in the kitchen the dad is always running around the house in his underwear…they have two small kids who are always swimming in the outside pool no matter how cold it is…and they have a lot of English speaking friends…if I’m not mistaken…the father is Dutch and the mom is portuguese haha. Wow…Im a total stalker hahah

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New neighbors are remodeling the house next door. They asked permission to cut down several bushes along our fence line which were growing right on the property line, and throwing leaves and other debris into their pool.

I really miss the bushes, which provided shade from the hot afternoon sun. The neighbors will be asking us to share in the expense of replacing the fence soon. It seems one family member is a handyman who is doing most of the work himself.

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