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What's up with all this gleeking?

Asked by Trillian (21136points) May 10th, 2012

I cannot make myself gleek. I knew a girl when I was young who could do it, but I never managed it. Not that I really tried. It didn’t seem like a marketable talent to me. Throughout my life I would commit the occasional gleek and I’d say; “Well, that was odd.”
But recently, say in the past month or so, almost every time I yawn, I gleek.

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Or is it spelled gleak?

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I never heard of gleeking before. I gather it is shooting out saliva in some concentrated spray. It sounds like a serious faux pas. I would suggest you consider wearing a face mask, especially if we are having coffee.

Is this random? Do you have no control over it?

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Ooh, I could spit feathers, like a cobra who’s just finished munching on a birdy.

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I, too, knew a kid that could do it on command. It’s pretty rare for me, however.

Maybe you’ve had some sort of subtle conformational change? Weight loss or gain? I can’t imagine any sort of “condition” that would change the frequency.

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LOL! I haven’t gleeked in many many years! Not since I was a teenager. I forgot how much fun that used to be when it happened! Now I don’t think I could do it if I tried. I tried and I can’t! Funny stuff @Trillian! XD

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It’s random for my husband & I @Trillian. In HS I knew a kid that could do it so well he used the talent like a squirt gun. He sorta looked snake like when he did it. I tried to copy, but failed.

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In general, gleeking occurs when an accumulation of saliva in the submandibular gland is propelled out in a stream when the gland is compressed by the tongue. The stream of saliva is released in the general direction of the front of the mouth. If the mouth is open the jet may project several feet. Gleeking is more likely when the salivary gland has been recently stimulated, but even a residual amount of saliva in the gland may be released by gleeking.

Gleeking may occur spontaneously due to accidental tongue pressure on the sublingual gland while talking, eating, yawning, or cleaning the teeth. Gleeking can also be induced, for instance, by pressing the underside of the tongue against the palate, then pushing the tongue forward while simultaneously closing the lower jaw and moving it slightly forward; or by yawning deeply and pressing the tongue against the palate. Practice is usually required to induce gleeking consistently, and induction is more likely to be successful under conditions of salivary stimulation. Source

A grade-school friend used to do this at will, and it was like watching water shoot out of a drinking fountain.

Is it possible that the way you yawn has changed? The next time it happens, identify where your tongue is and if it is putting pressure on the roof of your mouth.

Edit: Here’s a video on How to Gleek, just in case anyone is curious.

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My husband can gleek on command. I’m jealous.

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Nope, no control whatsoever. I was afraid to admit how far that shot, didn’t think anyone would believe me. I’m terrified that I’ll do it to a person!

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Am I the only one who thought this question meant, geeking over Glee?

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@Aethelflaed Nope, I thought that too.

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I thought I may have actually spelled it wrong, if the word were a combination of glossa and leaking! That would make it gleaking.

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Am I the only one that had a vision of the lovely Matthew Morrison upon reading this Q? I get my Gleek on every week!

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I knew what it was. I haven’t decided if I am proud or ashamed of that fact… when I figure it out I will let everyone know.

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What, how can I do this? I denno why, but it seems to be something I should probably want to know how to do. I’m trying but it isn’t working.

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@Symbeline Keep practicing. :)

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I spit on your grave 2: Gleeking hell

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I do it fairly regularly, but not on purpose. My daughter and I both experience it a lot when we’re in a dentist chair. Which is awkward.

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