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What's going on in your life right now, that proves you deserve a hug?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23132points) May 10th, 2012


How are you? What’s going on in your life? Good things? Bad things? Both?

Do you need a sympathy hug? A “we’re proud of you” hug? Or do you think “Fuck your hugs!”???

What are you currently going through that warrants a hug?

(((HUGS))) for you all anyway, dammit, whether you want them or not.

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Life is quite good right now as I feel I am getting somewhere on the road to certain goals that I have, career wise. However, the extra work (longer days without much rest) has weakened my immune system as I am feeling a little under the weather and very, very tired. I am planning a trip to the States in a few months which is keeping me going at the moment! Thanks for asking!

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I can’t prove that I deserve one, but I could sure use one right about now.

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Big bear hugs for both of you! And a sympathetic pat on the back. And chocolate.

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I am pissed at the world because of the passage of Amendment One.

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Still very up and down over the separation…...

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I’m in a bit of an extended depression/funk right now. But the thing is, when I consider telling someone about my problems, I realize how stupid my problems sound. No hugs required or requested. Bourgeois problems.

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My knees are killing me. It will have to be a standing-up hug.

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@syz Me too. Plenty of hugs for you on that front. The list of states that I do not feel safe for me or my loved ones, especially the attack on women’s rights lately, seems to be growing longer and longer

I bit the bullet and applied for a position as a Teaching Associate at my university. I am absolutely terrified of leaving the comfort of being a tutor behind, and will miss my co-workers tremendously, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that this opportunity pans out.

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I’m stable, in the moment.
This has been a very busy week, haven’t been around fluther much the last few days, kicking a$$ on my giant spring “to do” list. I am exhausted but getting lots accomplished. A ‘good job’ hug would be my style right now. :-)

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Recovering from a bad accident, hoping nothing is permanent.

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Last night I went out with some folks from my crazy group. We went to a soul food bar and restaurant. There was a band with a lead guitarist who played a lot like Santana. Only more jazzy and outside. Basically they laid down a groove and this guy would jam out. Sometimes they played tunes and he and a singer would sing.

Anyway, we’d been there a couple weeks before, and they told me to bring my horn next time I came, so I did. I sat in on a couple of tunes and had a great time. I thought I did pretty well both times, but I was a little more relaxed on the second tune. I must have really wailed because the band leader came back and made a big fuss about kicking me off the stage, as if he let me stay, I’d take over the evening, or something. Then, everyone was high fiving me and my buddy even said I done good even though he’s about as critical as I am. Someone even came and gave me a tip. Woohoo!

I even got my hug, later on in the evening, from another member of our group. Nothing like a hug from a beautiful young woman to lift the spirits of an old horn player like myself.

Plus, people have been liking my stories lately. I participate in a number of groups where everyone gets a turn to talk about this or that. Not just being crazy, but writing or dancing or politics or whatever. I use these as opportunities to practice making up instant stories, based on topics I may or may not have thought about. If I have thought about them, it has only been for five or ten minutes at most, while other people are talking. Usually I try not to think while others are talking.

It’s been going well, though. I find I say things that people seem to appreciate. I can tell because other people pick up on what I say and continue on that theme for the rest of the circle. People keep referring back to the things I said. Very validating.

So it’s been a couple of weeks like this. Long enough to make me worry. I feel like having a good time always gets you cocky and then, before you know it, people start being mean, just to make up for being nice. But, I’m enjoying it while it lasts. Lord knows I’ve had enough of the opposite over the last few years.

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I need a hug but I don’t have to prove why. I just do.

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I’m hungover and it’s worsening

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My software crashed last night just as I got Saturn into focus.

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@Rarebear: Boo too but lucky for you, Saturn will be out there tonight (and tomorrow).

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Don’t feel like getting into why, but hugs would be nice.

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My flippers enfold you all!

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@janbb: Milo here; Wt penguin flippers? No, thanks.

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I have a cold and don’t feel like cycling at lunch time today.

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@Milo Didn’t you see the picture of our lovechild on FB?

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@janbb: Milo here: Yes, but did you notice that he was covered with warm black and white fur and not slippery scales. The dominant genes always dominate.

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@Milo And yet the posture was pure penguin!

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@janbb: Possibly, but I have won prizes for my tango and _tour jétees, all while standing on two feet only.

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Well, hugs to you all, whether or not you offered proof! Just lots and lots of sweet, wonderful, squishy hugs.

No, I’m not on drugs, I’m just having a good day.

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I exist.


Hugs, please.

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It’s like you read my mind! I need a hug today.

I have a fistula that we think is a surgical complication, but there’s also a possibility that there’s something more serious going on. Fistulas are a common thing with Crohn’s patients, but not with ulcerative colitis, the latter being what I have. Crohn’s and UC can be hard to tell apart, but multiple doctors have always said that they see no evidence of Crohn’s in me.

Well I had an appointment with my surgeon today. It was supposed to be an informational visit regarding the procedure he was going to do to try and close the fistula. After examining me, though, he said let’s hold off on the procedure. What he saw looked like Crohn’s to him, and if I have Crohn’s then the procedure wouldn’t be appropriate, I would have to take medication instead to prevent fistulas. The same awful medications that I used to have to take, that I thought I would never have to take again now that I’ve had surgery.

UC is different from Crohn’s in that it affects only the colon. So when I got my colon removed, I thought I was cured. Crohn’s can affect the entire digestive tract, so if that’s what I really have….ugh.

I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself, but I’m terrified. If I have Crohn’s, I’ll have to go back on the heavy duty drugs, I might have to get a permanent ostomy, I could start having flare ups again…basically I’m freaking out. I’m in the waiting room at my GI’s now because my surgeon wanted me to see him for a second opinion. Ther are probably lots of medical tests in my near future.


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Hugs, @Mariah! Big hugs!

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Lots of hugs for you, Mariah! And prayers/warm wishes/positive energy, etc…

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Oh Mariah darling – so sorry to read that! My flippers double enfold you!

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I have so much going on in my life now that a hug is always welcomed if anything just to take that moment in and relax!

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@Cruiser You got it!

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I’m still underemployed.
I went a dietician today.
My finger is infected.

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I’m giving you chocolate-infused hugs right now.

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I’m just a lovable, adorable, cute fucker & therefore need no reasons.

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Well, okay then! :D

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I do not think it is “hug worthy” but next week I am launching a Micro Loan program that will help a lot of people who do not qualify for traditional loans, get small loans to help them over rough patches without ending up as feed for the payday advance places.

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Oh, nice! That gets a hug, too!

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Thanks @janbb back atcha! ((hug))

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The good news I got a three-month (could go longer) writing gig. The bad news is I have not yet finished my previous project so I am now working practically full-time and finding it very stressful. This week has been horrible! I could use a whole bunch of hugs.

And one back to you @WillWorkForChocolate for this great Q.

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Hugs are always welcome.

@Mariah You have been so strong and brave. I send as many hugs as you can handle today.

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@marinelife Then a whole bunch of hugs you shall have!

You too, @Sunny2.

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There are more good days than bad but I still welcome hugs. My little doggie is 12yrs old, he thinks he’s a puppy and still looks like one but many things don’t come easy to him anymore such as hopping down from the bed to floor or walking to the front yard to go potty when he’s sleepy. These days we carry him outside, set him down from the bed, try to remember not to encourage him to jump and not rough house him much in play. I deserve his version of doggie hugs where he snuggles against me and curls his paws against my hand or leg.

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Awwwwwww, well curl up with your sweet doggie and snuggle him as best you can! And here’s a big, fat (((hug))) from me as well, darling, Ms. V. I could hump your leg, pant heavily, and lick your face, if it would make you feel better, LOL.

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I have no proof that I need a hug. And anyways, I don’t want any damn hugs. :p I’m too hardcore to hug or be hugged. Unless you’re a pillow.

But yeah, life’s fine. Can’t complain, thanks for asking. :)

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I am a zombie pillow. Hug me, dammit!

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Zombie pillow! ’‘hugs!’’ ^^

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Woot! (((hugs))) back! Then eats your brains.

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feels soft! :D

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I really need a hug! My husband is in the hospital, my house is not up to par and I haven’t had time to work on it, I’ve had very little sleep for the past two days, and my brain is threatening to cycle. But I have a fantastic brother and his wife who has taken care of my girls while I run back and forth.

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I come bearing both good things, and bad things, which I believe are deserving of hugs.

I haven’t slept properly in weeks, because I keep having nightmares about when my mother, my brother, and I were kidnapped when I was eight, which I had forgotten about until the dreams started. So needless to say, I’m exhausted. And on top of that, there are seven school days left, and I have a LOT of math to complete.
But on to the good things: I’m all caught up on all of my classes, except math.
Five months with Josh on the 15th, and that kid makes me happy. :D
Threatened to destroy someone anally today. That gets me a hug, right?

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Hugs to all of you. <3

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group hug?

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Group hug! Just don’t gleek on anyone.

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What is gleeking?

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I have a horrid cold…

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@Bellatrix But then if I hug you, I’ll get the cold too…ah fuck it, I just got approved by a Predator, I don’t get colds. ’‘hugs!’’ :)

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Aww ty @Symbeline. That helps…. sniff…

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I’m so sorry you’re sick, Bella! Germ free (((hugs))) for you!
<averts head and gives air hug>

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Covers mouth and coughs… thank you @WillWorkForChocolate.

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Aww, get well soon, @Bellatrix!!

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My younger sister (by about 8 years) just walked in…..

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My great grandmother who is 95 is about to have surgery.

And I just left Chicago…

And my tooth hurts…

And I still don’t have a boyfriend after months of searching…

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@blueberry_kid Regarding the boyfriend: stop searching. He will fall into your lap.

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