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How do I regain my energy?

Asked by FluffyChicken (5495points) May 17th, 2012 from iPhone

Lately I have been very stressed out, depressed, and busy. As a result I haven’t been getting enough sleep which in turn perpetuates the depression and the stress. It has become a serious problem for me and has some pretty detrimental side effects such as lack of motivation, forgetfulness and dreaming awake, and very disturbing dreams when I DO sleep. I am having great difficulty getting things done early enough to go to sleep at a good time, then I wake up with the sun, and am too tired and unmotivated to do things in the morning. No ammount of caffiene helps nor do other energy remedies. What should I do?

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Is there any change you can make to your schedule so that you’re less overwhelmed? It seems the healthiest way to solve your problem would be to make time for more sleep. Nothing is worth abusing yourself for.

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To get more energy, you’ll need more restful sleep. Have you tried taking Melatonin at bedtime? An hour prior to bedtime, cut out all electronic devices and begin turning down the lights.

I’d personally suggest cutting back on the caffeine to help you get to a baseline of normal energy during the day.

I don’t know where you live, but in my area of the world, this is the time of year where Vitamin D is at its lowest. You may want to have your D level checked.

Do you get at least 15 mins of strenuous exercise per day?

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Diet and exercise. They are the quickest most effective ways. I just read this article about the most harmful food additives. You might consider trying to eliminate them as a start. I still can’t get past the artificial sweeteners, but I’m trying.

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@Judi has it right. I am stressed 4 ways to Sunday and if I don’t get exercise I go into melt-down mode. Just a 30–45 minute brisk walk with the dog for me is enough to keep me sane but I feel my best if I get in some weights and core exercises as well. I think there is some chemical house cleaning that occurs in our bodies when we exercise….whatever it is, I just feel tons better when I exercise and I also sleep MUCH better too!

I would cut out or limit the caffeine too. It may be a pick-me-up but it will also be a keep-me-up when you want to sleep. At least try to not drink any caffeine after lunch and see if that makes a dif for you!

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Maybe you should try new things. I find that’s the best way to gain motivation and energy. Taking a walk anywhere (city, country) works great for me. I gain new energy and new thoughts and at the same time clarity. Maybe you could try meditation, getting up very early and just sit quietly. And if you have too much to do, try to cut it down.

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Practice some mindfulness. Observe both what you are doing and what your resistance is to doing what you are doing. Either you are doing too much or resisting too much. After observing and seeing what you are dealing with, let go of the “doings” and/or the “resistings” that aren’t necessary.

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Actually got a good night’s sleep last night! Still not back to my usual top billing but doing much better.

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