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If you do find yourself sleepwalking, where would you most likely end up going?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28686points) October 24th, 2013

There….is a chance I’m sleeptyping right now….

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The Emergency Room. True story.

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Into the river. I don’t know why but that’s what keeps coming to mind. Hopefully the water will wake me up instantaneously.

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Beer back inside

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Downstairs curled up to the wood stove with the cat.

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To my computer to play a video game or to my desk drawer to get my Kindle. So I can sleepread…...of course.

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Realistically? To the bathroom.

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Driving to work. It’s a job I left several years ago, but the dreams of the tasks required still permeate the memory.

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Outside on my back patio, with no shoes or slippers between my feet and the cold ground.

This actually happened last week. Sadie needed to go outside at 1:30 am, and I was sleeping soundly. Her whimpers made me semi-conscious, so I got up and took her out.

This experience might not technically qualify as sleepwalking, but I was at least partially asleep. The whole thing seems like a dream. I vaguely remember thinking, “Wow, my feet are really cold,” but I wasn’t lucid enough to put on shoes.

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…back to bed, man. Soft!

@Adirondackwannabe Really?

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@Symbeline Yes. Well, it isn’t the sleepwalking, it’s the sleepcrashing.

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Right over the side into the drink.

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I’ll be fighting with the curtains!

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Most likely, the bathroom. It is the ONLY reason I would up at night. My husband is a chronic sleepwalker. His regular nightly trips include the kitchen for a snack and the bathroom. Occasionally he takes a walk outside or watches tv.

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That would depend on if you can get out of the house and onto the street. If you remain asleep long enough you could end up anywhere.

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