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Have you noticed that magazine subscriptions are now dirt cheap?

Asked by jca (36043points) May 19th, 2012

I got a Groupon for a bunch of magazine subscriptions for $5 each. I could not resist and signed up, and gave a few as gifts, too. It put me on mailing lists (I expected that to happen) and now I get offers in the mail all the time. Magazine subscriptions are now dirt cheap. I won’t name them because it would be spam but has anybody else noticed that?

Magazines used to be like $30 and up per year, sometimes $60. Now, anywhere from $8 to $20. Magazine fans, good to know.

I realize that thanks to our economy, and the internet, they’re hurting and trying to stay alive.

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Not where I live. Not that this surprises me. We seem to pay more for books, CDs etc. and why not magazines. I saw something on the news the other day about Australian retailers doing deals with overseas retailers to sell us stuff for higher prices to stop us buying online.

I hope the low subscriptions happen here though. I like flicking through magazines.

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People actually still read magazines and newspapers, 17th century technology, yesterday’s news tomorrow?

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@Charles: Magazines are not just for news. I look at decorating magazines and crafts stuff, as a leisure activity. When I’m on the deck, insead of staring at a screen, it’s nice to read a magazine. When I’m at the doctor’s office, instead of staring at the TV or looking at a phone screen, it’s nice to read a magazine.

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I had not noticed. Perhaps I will take a look.

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People Magazine is still way over priced.

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I’ve noticed they can be cheap too, it’s all a matter of finding a deal. My kids’ school sells subscriptions in the fall, some of them are remarkably cheap- a year of the New Yorker for $24, Time for $16. I gave my girlfriend Women’s Health for $15 for a year.

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Its mainly because no-one reads magazines anymore.

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It’s my suspicion it has more to do with the rise of the Internet. What was once available only in print at a price is now available online for free.

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I got an offer in the mail for one for $8 per year (preferred subscriber rate, they call it).

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@jca : I get 2 very popular home magazines for $5/year each!

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@Hawaii_Jake: Yeah, I got these 5 Groupons for Hearst subscriptions, for $5 each. I love receiving them, too bad I don’t have time to read them!

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It has always been pretty cheap to get subscriptions. When you try to get advertisers it is better if you can say we have 200,000 yearly subscribers. Sometimes when they sell the ads they will even tell you how many will go to medical reception areas since that can be hundreds of eyeballs on the same subscription.

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Ours are like $50–60 upwards for a subscription to say a home and garden magazine. That might be for one year. Like you @jca I also like flicking through home/garden type mags. I don’t really bother with any others these days.

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@Charles I do. I still read magazines and get the newspaper delivered every day.

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So do I.

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I got an offer for Town and Country for $8 (“preferred subscriber rate”). I got Architectural Digest for like $18 per year.

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