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What did you do today?

Asked by InkyAnn (2441points) May 19th, 2012

I cleaned my house spotless, exercised, having friend over for dinner than a little beer/wine pong later tonight.

So what did you do and or have planned?


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I got Diablo III in the mail.
So yeah, pretty much that.

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Nothing special. All I did was babysit the pups, watch videos, and suffer from allergies.
My sister and I might hang out later if I’m not too tired.

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Played chauffeur, tried to finish off two books (not yet done, but making progress!), and generally just was lazy. Tonight, incrementally catching up on e-mails and watching a movie. Fairly low-key…

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Picked up my prescriptions
Went to Home Depot to buy lawn fungicide
mowed and edged my lawn
bought a huge heavy L shaped desk at our neighborhood garage sale and assembled it – huge job
Watched the clippers blow out their game
went to our community pool with my wife and youngest daughter
took our youngest daughter on a small bike ride
help my buddy rip a CD and burn the songs to another CD
shot some hoops in my front yard
fertilized my roses and flowers with miracle grow
Fixed an outdoor landscape light
overseeded some parts of my lawn
Going to go watch the Lakers now

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Work till 3am
sleep till 7
Cycle 18 miles
Cut the grass
Trim the hollies
Water the flowers
Go to the dump
Watch my daughter in goal to their 1–0 soccer win
Target run, home depot run, grocery store run
Swim in the pool
Make/eat chicken enchiladas
Play a game of risk
Do 3 loads of laundry
Watch a movie
Enjoy a great day

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@Charles wow were there even enough hours in the day to accomplish all of that???

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Fry huge pork chops for lunch
Fold laundry while watching LOTR part one in Blu-Ray

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uprooted 30 trees (some saplings, some decent sized mothers), wheel barrowed half a ton’s worth of mulch, and attended my little bro’s piano recital.

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Slept in. Weeded and redid cards for my Roll-o-dex phone and address roster. Watched the old movie “Knute Rockne” which I’d never seen. (Ronald Reagan’s debut movie)
Tomorrow may be more interesting.

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Spent four hours cleaning the goddamn fucking yard.

Took a shower and slept for two hours. Then watched Captain America with the dog.

Lost power for a couple hours due to a wayward mylar balloon. Then had dinner with the family and my nieces.

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Exercised for 1½ hours.
House chores.
Outside weeding in the vegetable garden.
Rebuilt our Endless Pool.
Played with the kitties.

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I am exhausted today, but…got all my yard watering done, litter boxes, made a yummy pasta salad, cut up a giant watermelon, groomed my monster fluffy cat, bleached my teeth, haha and watched a movie. Tomorrow I will finish the housework and go for a hike. I am actually going to bed in exactly 21 minutes at 10pm PDT. I NEED SLEEP!

Too many busy days and late nights, but..still have to go out to the barn and put the geezers to bed. They don’t like getting out of their pools til 10 on summer nights.
20 more minutes gang and it’s lights out! lol

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Worked from 8 AM til 11 PM cleaning and packing… This morning, my landlord told me he wanted to start showing the house next week and it looked like a hurricane swept through because I’ve been too busy working to clean. Immediate shift of priorities, so instead of just cleaning, I went ahead and packed as well.

Do you think this counts as a workout?

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@linguaphile, oh, definitely a workout, especially lugging boxes around. grin

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@Michael_Huntington I heard that game was bullshit. I pray it ain’t. Is it?

What I did. I had this dream that I had a huge infection on the outward side of my foot. It was all gross and fucked up like a week long decomposing body, but it didn’t really hurt. I kept peeling off parts of it, and in my dream, I planned the douse the whole thing into alcohol. Then I heard little kids screaming like mad…then they stopped, and started again. I couldn’t see them, but the screams were loud and oppressive…then I slowly woke up to the sound of my neighbour’s buzzsaw or wtv fucking up boards in his garage. Man I hate that guy. He’s always sawing shit up as soon as it gets nice out. Been like that for five years, yet his stupid ugly bastard shed out back still isn’t done. It even looks like he tried to set fire to it. What’s his problem?

So then I took a piss, fed the kitties, made coffee. Washed up, went to Subway, then did groceries, clean up the apartment like I do on all Saturdays. That took most of the day, but I did get to play Parasite Eve II, watch Diary of the Dead and scour the town for garage sales. Three day weekend, this is the time of year where there’s yard sales all over for three days. We didn’t find too much, and anyways we’re both broke lol. But it’s fun to check shit out.

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Today, whew. So far – I got up late, while Hubby watched the two grandsons, then I fixed lunch for the three of them and breakfast for me.

While H put the car seats in the van, I checked out the size of the stroller we have, since we haven’t used it for several months. We will need two for Disneyland next week, and I wanted to see if the one we have is still big enough.

Since our first stop was only ½ mile away, I walked and pushed one of the boys in the stroller, the other went with Grandpa in the van. Yes, the stroller will be fine.

We got new shoes for the adults and sunglasses for the kids, and then went over to the second hand clothes/toys store for the new stroller. I found a wonderful, nearly new stroller for only $25, and there was a Thomas the Train tent for $25, so we got it for the birthday boy, who is turning 3 tomorrow.

Our next stop was Sam’s Club where we got enough free food for another meal, and stocked up on all the other stuff we always get there.

On to the Safeway for H and #1 grandson, Dollar Tree for me and #2 grandson to buy some sports cords to hold the new sunglasses we bought.

After we got home, I rinsed dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher, then drove my oldest (adult) grandson and my youngest grandson (3) to the get hair cuts.

Later, the two adult grandsons made dinner.

After dinner, I heard a couple of people in the swimming pool, so I took the two youngest out for a lovely night-time swim. The outside light went out, so I had to get the portable work light from the garage and take it out to the pool area.

One adult grandson and his girlfriend played with the little ones for a half hour or so. They came in shivering from the cold water, so I had to put them in a warm tub of water to warm up. That took about 45 minutes of laughing and splashing. We have a clear plastic shower curtain to protect the bathroom, since the tub is also a combination shower.

Hubby helped dress them, and they are now getting very sleepy playing computer games.

I will be putting away the clean dishes and rinsing the next load of dishes for the dishwasher after I put the boys to bed. Putting them to bed means sitting in their room while they put away their 75 hot wheel cars, 160 piece Trio Building set, and most likely the entire bag of Mega Blocks. Then we fold up their 6’ x 4’ play mat and watch a bedtime DVD movie.

After that, I will probably do some more Fluthering, and maybe watch On Demand catch up on a couple of TV shows I may have missed the last couple of days before I go to bed.

It’s a good thing you didn’t ask me about tomorrow, because we are having a birthday party in Old Town, with a ride on the Excursion Train, at the same time the Pacific Rim Festival will be bringing 10,000 people to the area.

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Watched a few movies. Had some beers in the kiddie pool. Had some beers after the kiddie pool. Set it up so my mom can ftp into my computer so she can store files since she has a small SSD in her new computer.

So I guess a drunk nerd that worked on his tan is a apt description.

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@linguaphile I think it counts lol.

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Went present shopping for my niece’s birthday.
Did some laundry.
Yard work.
Fixed garage door.
Wrapped presents.
Watched some PVR TV.

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Sunday here, big market day so we worked. It was soooooo cold, I had on long johns, heavy jeans, 2 pairs of socks, long underwear shirt, t neck over that, windproof polartek shirt, then ski jacket. It was 34 degrees F I know, not that cold but you have to remember I have been living in the tropics for the last almost 8 years so anything under 90 is cold, 34 is unheard of! I love working the markets though, it is fun talking to all the people and looking at all the stuff. It is a trash and trivia market so there are some really strange things for sale!

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Saturday? I played for 3 hours at a wedding party and managed not to get too many blisters… I dropped by at a friend’s on the way home for coffee and cake… Then in the evening I was “in charge” of a local open mic night, where I also sang a couple of songs. I love my life!

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@harpie, that sounds nice, it is good to love one’s life!

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Lazy day around here (as usual!) I woke up, played a couple of computer games, and worked on Fluther. Later on, the girls and I ran over to Walgreen’s to stock up on makeup. That was fun, but we spent way too much money! Three teenage girls + makeup = expensive. ;) Watched a few TV shows in the evening, tucked everyone in and came back to work.

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@Symbeline When you can actually play it, it’s alright. I would give the actual game content 7.0–7.5/10.0. The DRM is still bullshit because you can lag in a SINGLE PLAYER GAME!

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Also,imo Diary of the Dead is a good movie. May not be Romero’s best, but still damn entertaining

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I beat my boyfriend racing Mario Kart, watched some Simpsons season 3, weeded the lawn and garden, took a nap, talked with my best friend from college for the first time in several months for two hours while I folded the laundry, walked the dog, had a friend over for burgers, went to the Barcade, got 1st, 3rd, and 5th place on Mario Bros, went back home, had another friend over, chilled until 5 am. Good times.

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I helped run a tracking workshop for dogs this morning and this afternoon I went round to my dad’s house to check on his dog (he’s working all day today) and did his ironing for him! Now I am finally able to relax a little.

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@Michael_Huntington I heard that just getting online barely even works. Guess you gotta give it time so they can get it straight.

Still, what happened to ye olde days when playing a game just meant popping it in and there ya go lol.

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Lets see….I slept in today (My ears have finally stopped ringing from the concert), I made some eggs and bacon for breakfast, played some guitar, played with my Pit and Lab, watched “Real Steel” on DVD, and now I’m watching the Detroit Tigers kick the Pittsburg Pirates ass!.

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1:45 pm in California. Warming up and just turned on the AC. Have been to the store, done laundry, and now I am trying to catch a monster alligator lizard that I found happily basking on the beanbag in my movie room. Little shit…there is no way I can surprise him walking straight into the room where he then just scurries behind the furniture and hides.

THIS will be an epic catch & release mission today.
Think I’ll have to fortify with a couple of cold Modelos before wading into the reptile room. lol

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@Coloma I hear ya about it warming up. I’m in AZ, it’s getting to be 100 at 8am now but the lake water is still REALLY cold. I can’t wait till its warm enough to go swimming!

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@InkyAnn Yeah..whew…93 today, of course that’s nothing compared to a lot of AZ. summer time temps, but..we can hit upwards of 105–6 and the record in 2006 was 111! Holy F—K!
Last summer was pretty mild, only a handful of days over 100, but the long term forecasts say this could be a hotter than average summer. Oh joy!
Thank God for my cold hot tub. lol

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@Only138 – I saw Real Steel a week or so ago. It was a little bit corny but I love the bots! I want one of those dudes! What did you think?

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@Coloma Haha I wish our hottest day was only 106 or 111! Average summer day temp where I am is about 120–125. That water can warm up now haha.

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@InkyAnn – where the hell are you (oh my, is that a pun?)

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Another soccer game for daughters team 1 hour away. Another 1–0 win in goal.

Found 2 four leaf clovers where I was sitting at game

Strolled Portsmouth shops.

Beach afternoon in Rye.

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@rooeytoo I agree, I’d like to have one of those things too. They would be awesome to play with.

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@rooeytoo I’m in Arizona,in one of thee hottest towns here.

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@InkyAnn – I just moved from the tropics (temps in that vicinity with humidity to match) to a cold climate. I am not sure if I am jealous or not, hehehe. I will let you know when real winter gets here!

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@InkyAnn I am planning to be in AZ at some point in September. I was there last year too and loved that heat so I can’t wait. I am from the UK so don’t experience real heat very often!

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@rooeytoo and @Leanne1986 I complain about the heat here from time to time, but I really do love it. I have a house in Florida and one in Connecticut. I’ll take the extreme heat here over the heat at either of those places any day. I just can’t do the humidity. Here its a “dry heat”. Like 3 % humidity every day.

I’ve found the best way to explain a “dry heat” to people that never experienced it is to tell them it is the difference between walking into a bathroom when someone is taking a really hot shower and opening the over door when something is cooking in there. AZ is the oven haha

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