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Hypothetically, if one wanted to speed excessively while on a road trip, where would the best places be?

Asked by Blackberry (30969points) May 21st, 2012

So, our hypothetical character is driving down the east coast, is there any tips or tricks you could give him? Let’s assume it’s late or very early morning.

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Disguise your vehicle as a taxi. Apparently, it’s quite acceptable if a taxi is sprinting down the middle of NYC at 95 mph.

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Down the east coast…probably not. It is all almost one giant megalopolis now.

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Rural roads.

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I had lots of ideas until I saw that you’re looking for “down the east coast”. There are stretches of I-80 through Pennsylvania that are sufficiently rural, but also hilly.

Maybe A1A out to Key West?

The best roads for what you want are out West – US 50 in Nevada The Loneliest Road in America, I-80 through NV, UT, WY. I 70 in Utah and Colorado.

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The posted interurban speed limit on I10 from just east of El Paso, TX to just west of San Antonio, was 80 MPH in 2010. It still might be the same.

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Trillian stole my answer. Why do you need to speed? You running drugs?

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Join a cannonball run. Why go so fast?

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Why drive fast? Oh I dont know, maybe cause its a ton of fun. Just a guess…

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I agree with @zenvelo, the best roads to do this are out West. Do not speed along the East coast; the urban areas in the Northeast aren’t good places to speed, and cops are very alert and ready to bust you south of DC all the way to Florida.

In my experience, best (and easiest) place to exceed the speed limit and not worry too much about getting pulled over is anywhere in Nevada, outside of the Reno and Las Vegas areas (especially the Las Vegas areas- police monitor I-15 all the way into Vegas).

I can’t vouch for police presence (or lack thereof), but Nebraska outside of Lincoln and Omaha urban areas is deadly dull and the roads are flat and straight just about everywhere. You will want to speed, period, just to get out of there.

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Or go out to the salt flats in Utah and Nevada.

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Oh, hands down the wide open spaces of Nevada. I was on my way through Nevada in 2006 going to Utah, Colorado and New Mexico for a vacation and stellar moment, on a wide open stretch of highway in the middle of nowhere, crazy thunder clouds on the horizon and psychedelic yellow grasses as far as the eye could see. Had a little happy brownie moment and opened her up to 110 on the straightaway. My car kicks ass! lol

There was no one around for hundreds of miles!

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Definitely the back country roads. After many years spent driving on them I’ve never seen a cop hiding along one. Of course it is a bit more riskier since you’re more likely to get into an accident speeding on these types of roads; less light, curvier, hillier and more blindspots, not to mention more wildlife that love to wander onto these roads.

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@Coloma Oh man, what a great feeling. I haven’t driven in the desert. I’ll wait until I can get out to the west coast.

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Oh yeah, I heard from a friend that I65 in Alabama is great for speeding. My friend told me that he was going about 105 and some cars were still passing him…..

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