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Blue lights above intersections (daytona beach area, if not others)?

Asked by XCNuse (1197points) October 11th, 2008

Does anyone know what these small blue lights are above the lights at intersections? There are typically two of them, apart from each other by about a meter or so, anyone know what these things are for, or has even seen them around?

I’m from the Atlanta area so I’ve never seen them, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they are out in the California area.

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They’re to help police catch drivers who run red lights.
Full explanation here

First, those lights are officially called “red light confirmation lights”. They interface with the traffic signal and turn on when the light turns red. At that point, law enforcement officers can identify any car that crosses the stopbar after that can be cited for running the light. The important thing is that this can be done from anywhere in or around the intersection, making enforcement easier and safer.

That’s important because red light running is a significant cause of crashes, not just in Seminole but everywhere. Robin indicated that those lights are only at intersections where red light running is a significant problem. She says there are approximately 40 intersections out of about 350 that have the lights.

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Sometimes they are for an ambulance, fire engines or police cars that are going through the intersection. The lights flash and warn drivers there are approaching emergency vehicles.

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@fireside, see that’s what my grqndfather said, to help the police is what he said, but it made no sense to me, and what I’m really lost about is that they remained on, the few sets that we saw… Stayed lit up the whole time, no one went through a red light or anything, who knows maybe they were busted :shrug:

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