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What is the following French song saying?

Asked by flo (12974points) May 23rd, 2012

I don’t mean word for word, although that’s okay too. What is the general message to you?
This is it.

Also, what is your favorite text translation site? Any language to English and English to any language.

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Are you going to give us a clue as to what the song is?

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“Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’ You gotta have somethin’ If you wanna be with me”

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I can’t do a word for word translation, but it’s about someone who wants to go traveling to the Himalayas. Get on a train and just go. And scolding someone else who sits in the lazy boy recliner doing nothing. Do you want to go with me?
Now someone who really knows French can do a decent job of translating.

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Thank you both. I tried a text translation site.

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I got this from Babelfish:

Words fall like flies derrrière my blinds. Bags without voyage trail in my tank. Y lose north. Is necessary to leave its behind of the-Z-Servant boy. To turn over behind like the cowboys. Is necessary to brew its heart, to throw in a train. To delay its hour, to find the way from its Himalayas. The life is used for that, of the holes in bottoms. You already thought to come with me? Ca misses a little d’ love in l’ diary. Think of that. Our stories will be left in your satchel and of Mondays mornings at the bottom of the pockets. Is necessary to brew its heart, to throw in a train. To delay its hour, to find the way from its Himalayas. The life is used for that, of the holes in bottoms.

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@filmfann thanks for that I’m on the floor laughing.

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I think a lots of it is a sort of slang so literal translation doesn’t work.

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Pretty much word for word. Tried to make the English equivalent of what it says in French when translating it word for word in English would make no sense.

The song is called ’‘Holes in Socks’’.

Words are falling like flies behind my blinds.
Suitcases with no trip to go to, (best I can do with that) linger in my trunk.

They loose the North. (Y being a pronunciation of ’‘they’’ made shorter)

Gotta get one’s ass outta the La Z Boy, go backwards, (as in back to the past) like cowboys do.

Gotta shake the heart, throw it in a train, delay the hour and find one’s way to one’s Himalaya. That’s what life is for, holes in socks.

Did you ever think about coming with me? There’s a bit of love missing in the agenda. Think about it. We’ll leave our stories in your handbag, and Monday mornings deep in the pockets.

Seems like some kind of love song, where the singer is using a lot of metaphors suggesting that he wants to just go off with this lover and find happiness together, and fuck everything else. ’‘One’s Himalaya’’ being the central theme used to symbolize happiness/haven/whatever.

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@Symbeline: Nice.

“Y perdent le nord”...lose the north there?

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@Symbeline Color me impressed!

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@gailcalled Right, lose, not loose. I’ll never get that down, I swear lol. Lose the North.

@laurenkem Thanks. :)

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I prefer It also has a nice free app with voice recognition.

That site would have gotten you close to @Symbeline‘s great work.

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@Symbeline loose and lose mess me up. I always say “The Biggest Loser” in my head. Then I remember. ; )

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Ha, good trick. Imma borrow. :D

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Thanks everyone. “That’s what life is for, holes in socks.” kind of funny.

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