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Has anyone ever changed your mind?

Asked by Charles (4815points) May 26th, 2012

In all the debates you’ve engaged in throughout your life….has anybody ever profoundly changed your mind on a subject?

Common debates are: Abortion, Illegal Immigration, Gay Marriage, Religion, Politics, War, Animal Rights, Death Penalty, etc. As a result of a debate, was your view/perspective/stance significantly altered in any of these areas?

And, does debating actually accomplish anything other than giving us an arena to express our opinions?

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No one person.

My mind has been changed – particularly about economics and government, but is usually a result of a number of conversations and a number of books or articles read, and a lot of thought.

I can’t say that there has been one person who has cause me to make a change; it’s a culmination of things.

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Sure, happens all the time to some degree.

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When I discovered forums, I was still kind of a “cultural christian”: I barely knew anything about my religion, only that I was supposed to be one because I was raised that way.

It didn’t take long after seeing various arguments against religion online that I started to think a bit more.

So I wouldn’t say people changed my mind, more that people were expressing their opinions and I considered them and changed my own mind.

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Sure. My husband is but one example. We were debating the second amendment, and I had to concede that the way it is written doesn’t mean what I originally took it to mean (that only a well regulated militia should have the right to bear arms).

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Yes, most profoundly in relation to what I eat and why I now make the food choices I do. My sister was very instrumental in feeding me powerful evidence over the past five years to support eating vegan whenever possible.

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Yes, most profoundly in relation to what I eat and why I now make the food choices I do. My sister was very instrumental in feeding me powerful evidence over the past five years to support eating vegan whenever possible.

Did you previously argue against it (as the context of the thread asks) or were you simply not aware of the benefits of being a vegan? The thread isn’t asking if you were made aware of something new; It is asking if you changed a previously debated or strongly held position.

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Some people have changed my mind into thinking they’re jerks.

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I really don’t enjoy debating, it always seems to get aggressive and often argumentative. But I do enjoy hearing other people’s ideas and opinions. And yes over the years my views on many subjects have changed, in some cases minimally and in others dramatically.

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I used to be for the death penalty for really evil crimes but now I’m pretty sure that I am not comfortable with killing another person regardless of their crime.

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@nikipedia I’m sure you’ve changed minds into thinking you’re awesome :)

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Sort of. Someone pointed out that, while I was identifying myself with one political party, my beliefs were much more in line with another. He gave several examples and I realized he was right.

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@Charles: Semantics aside, I was a confirmed eater of all animal protein, dairy and eggs for decades. Then after reading the materials my sister sent, a gentle barrage at times, I came around to her POV. This seems to fit the tenor of your question.

Having Milo in my life changed my view of animal rights as well. Now I weep over road kill and carry wasps from the living room to the outdoors in a paper cup.

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I have definitely changed my position on issues as I learned new things, but I think my positions on all of the ones you’ve listed has always been the same.

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No, and my mindset is definitely not rigid. I have changed my stance on certain issues as I’ve gotten older. Probably because I have experienced more life changing situations as I’ve gotten older. I’m always open to change, when I’m convinced of something that is.

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Yes, people have tried to change my mind with great effort, almost like it’s a control issue. Everyone is right from their own outlook ,subjectively .What are the plan facts is what I would always think. But then, I always feel my way to my opinion. People have shared information to help me form my outlook, but know one has forced me to believe what they do. That puts my guard up and makes me stubborn.

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