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What should I eat?

Asked by pkuttner (150points) May 29th, 2012

I am having a bout of depression and thus have lost my appetite. I need to eat something, anything. Nothing appeals.

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Some nice crusty bread and a piece of very nice cheese (soft or cheddar) always appealed to me, even when I was depressed. Goose liver pate also does the trick.

Also passionfruit juice—fresh made.

And avocado.

Damn! It’s lunch time. I wish I had these things now!

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Get something sweet, salty and fatty. Our bodies are made to crave those flavors so find something that has it all.

Also, try to eat outside. Sunshine lets your body produce Vitamin D and cheers you up.

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Good to hear that rationally, you still know you have to eat. I know what it feels like to be depressed and not feel like I have an appetite at all.

When I’m depressed and still trying to take care of myself, I try to stick to a basic easy to cook combination of protein + carbs + something with fiber. So, maybe a slice of meat/cheese/a scrambled egg + noodles + an easy fruit or vegetable, like apples or carrots.

Also, if you have a favorite condiment or seasoning (some people put mayonnaise on everything, some soy sauce; mine is black pepper or salsa), maybe it will bring your appetite back a bit if you use that on whatever you’re going to eat.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Almond butter on a good whole grain bread with some blackberry jam!

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Classic comfort food. Tomato soup and a grilled cheese, chicken noodle soup, or macaroni and cheese. Go with simple and filling. Peanut butter and jelly works too.

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Tuna on whole wheat, with a bag of Funyons.

Lasagna with garlic bread.

Chinese takeout.


Small chicken breast, and chocolate for dessert.


Ice cream? :D

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The easiest is two eggs, broken, whipped and scrambled in a little butter in a small frying pan. Cool and eat right from the pan.

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Duh, how did I miss this. Have some chocolate. It’s good for whatever ails you, in moderation.

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Dang, @Adirondackwannabe took my go to answer. Chocolate, dipped in chocolate, covered in chocolate.

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Crackers and Nutella

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Something simple, easy to prepare and comforting as so many of the above answers are. Sometimes a piece of toast with peanut butter, and a banana is all I will have for a meal. Perhaps a bowl of cereal or oatmeal.
I hope that some of the answers have appealed to you @pkuttner . I wish you well.

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Aren’t some of these suggestions considered emotional eating? Exactly what you shouldn’t do?

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@nonexpert GA, but sometimes you just have to relax and indulge yourself. It’s good therapy at times.

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Yes, sometimes they would be considered comfort foods, but sometimes we could all use some comfort food, eh? If you’re really depressed, you gotta eat what sounds good. Within reason… Don’t go to Miami and take LSD. Just sayin’.

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Whenever I don’t have any appetite, corn flakes seems to be the most appealing. I don’t really know why, I don’t usually eat corn flakes. Fruits are often appealing, too. But they’re not enough in the long run, I know.

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I am just speculating, but I would think that something in liquid form wold be a good idea. Some have mentioned cereal. Soup or chili may also work, anything that goes down easy and does not require a lot of chewing.

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Granola is always good. I always sent care packages to my nieces and nephews when they were in college. My niece was badly upset about summer plans and was crying on the phone with her mother. She got her package that day. It made a difference.

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I hope your mood lifts soon.
I know you probably haven’t got the energy to cook elaborate meals at the moment, so soup and nice bread would be a start.

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Try something light and healthy! You will probably feel physically better after this which could also affect your mood in a positive way.

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Ice cream is the only thing I can grudgingly eat when the hunger headaches get too bad; I find it easier because the cold and the lack of chewing makes it feel less like eating – you can almost let it melt down your throat. And the sweetness and the flavors make it not as revolting as other foods when I have no appetite. You might try that. But if you have someone to cook for you, the cooking smells can be a big help – sometimes the scent of Ramen or bacon on the stove, or sugar cookies baking in the oven, can get my appetite up.

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