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Pen and Paper RPG geeks. If money and skill were no object, what would be your ultimate game room?

Asked by keobooks (14305points) June 4th, 2012

My neighbor is selling his theater supply stuff and has tons of lights, fog machines and other things. My first thought was WOW I’d love to have that stuff and make a game room with tons of special effects at my fingertips.

Of course, I lack the finances and DIY ability to make such a room, but I wondered if other “DnD” geeks had dreams of their ultimate game dungeon. What’s it got in it?

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I don’t think I’d want to include any fancy stuff like that. Just a table with eight or so seats, a grid mat, and adequate lighting. The only other stuff in the room would be a refrigerator, bookshelf, and a bin full of dice and figurines. I feel too much else would be a distraction from the storytelling.

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A kitchenette so I don’t have to walk so far for pizza and beer.

IM/chat capability to convey info that one character may know but the rest of the party shouldn’t

A bucket full of d6 for Shadowrun

The ability to change the entire table to grid maps (Car Wars) or hexes (GURPS, BattleTech) quickly and easily.

An automatic card-shuffler

Comfortable seating

The types of games I favor don’t lend themselves well to special effects unless you count stuff that would get you arrested by the Fire Marshal or the BATF.

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For me it would be something along the lines of Friendly Arms Inn located along a popular hiking trail – would also be a real Inn offering grog / ale / horse feed etc. room and board, horse rental and my own private army of archers and pikemen. Give me a bajilion euros and I will make that dream come true ;-)

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A pizza oven and a fridge for the beer, and some comfy chairs with a large table in the middle. There would be some cupboards for figures and dice, shelves for books and rules-sets, and a decent stereo system.

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I would buy it all.

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A foosball table (which I have!!) and an antique pool table. Antique thinger to hold the pool cues. Tiffany hanging lights. Couches. Sliding glass door leading to the indoor pool. Sliding glass doors from there leading into a beautiful garden, which has a lovely path leading to the beach. I think I’m getting lost here!

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