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What are your thoughts on the end of live "Car Talk" shows?

Asked by gailcalled (54579points) June 8th, 2012

After twenty-five years, if you can believe it, Tom and Ray are calling it quits and plan to let their wrenches start to rust.

Everything I know about what’s under the hood I learned from them. Additionally, I loved their style, ability to ad lib, and general sense of irony. I know that some of the listening audience loathed the show. What’s your take, if any?

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Here’s the official announcement on their blog.

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I will miss Click & Clack, the Tap It Brothers as I love their show. Similar to Only a Game, they made a subject I generally dislike fun and interesting. I could care less about cars (or sports), but I like them very much.

And they’re locals, from Cambridge our fair city, so what’s not to love. I never found them annoying – and I’ve been listening since 1994.

don’t drive like my brother

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Never heard of it.
I only watch Top Gear (the UK original, the US version sucks arse).

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So sad….. I love Tom and Ray.

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@cprevite: Cambridge is still my fair city also, but Ray and Tom are the Tappet Bros.

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@gailcalled: See, having never purchased a tee-shirt from their shameless commerce division, I was unsure of the spelling. Clearly you’ve stumped the chump.

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I hadn’t heard about this and it makes me sad! :(

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What, what, WHAT?!? Say it ain’t so!! The world won’t be the same…

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Aw man, this sucks! I love those guys.

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HERE is an article on the boys from WBUR.

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@cprevite: Don’t you mean WAMC?

I love this. People ask about how to grab the gold ring…here’s one way. Does it help to have graduated from MIT? Possibly.

“In 1977, a producer at WBUR asked two local car mechanics from Cambridge, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, if they could join a few other mechanics and answer calls on-air. Back then, cars were simpler and a lot of people fixed them in their driveways.

Tom showed up at the studio. Ray didn’t come, neither did any of the other mechanics. Tom was invited back and the next week brought his brother…”.

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Silly Point of Pride
Tom and Ray have a monthly Q&A column that runs in the Colonial Times Magazine (out of Lexington, MA).

A couple years ago, I wrote a few articles that ran in the Colonial Times. I was more happy to see my work alongside Tom and Ray’s column than to be published at all.

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@cprevite: I bet that they were just as pleased to have been next to you. What did you write about?

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@gailcalled: They were foodie articles. One about native peaches, another about heirloom tomato gazpacho. They were a little cheeky.

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Nice. I love my heirloom tomatoes; so do the deer.

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Now, here’s a eulogy worthy of the progenitors.

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@gailcalled: Very nice (although I thought the author was teasing his point a bit only to end with too tidy a bow. Laughter? Okay.)

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@cprevite, As always, I agree. The last paragraphs violated all of his earlier admirable premises about good writing, good speaking, good advice giving and when to get off the stage (while the party is still fun).

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