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Can you recommend any type of solar lighting for paths / walkways?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) June 9th, 2012

I have a few solar lights in my backyard and I suppose they have lasted a year or more. At first, they stayed on for a long time after dark. Some of them died and I replaced the batteries. Some more died. I can’t seem to figure these things out. Is it best to just not use solar lights or is there a solar light set that you recommend?

If you don’t use solar lights, how hard is it to install regular lights (electricity and all)

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This is the issue with most solar lights. They don’t last long. My boss’ husband owns an outdoor lighting company, and a lot of his calls are to light a house with electrical lights after people got sick of their solar lights not working. As far as installing, are you going to do it yourself or hire someone? If you do it, it can be involved to do it properly (digging trenches to run the wires underground so they aren’t exposed). If you are hiring someone, It’s as easy as writing a check :)

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@Ponderer983 is right that most of them out there don’t last long. My sense is that it’s because of crappy built-in batteries that have no chance of cycling daily for years. They all have rechargeable alkali or Ni-Mh batteries in them from what I can tell.
I’m looking forward to some better-quality better-battery types when someone starts making them.

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Definitely crappy batteries. Also, make sure they get plenty of sun.

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often I have found el-cheapo AA NiCd’s in them, All you really need to do is get replace them with better NiMh batteries. I have had good luck doing that.

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@majorrich Now that’s a great idea. Most cells are standard size and voltage.
As long as the case/covering doesn’t require destruction to get at the batteries that’s a pretty viable solution.

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