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How did you pick your jelly handle?

Asked by bookish1 (13147points) June 13th, 2012

Mine is one I haven’t used on any other site. It’s an adjective that describes me visually and in terms of my interests and occupation. (At the end of the semester, for instance, I had to return 6 reusable grocery bags full of books to the library haha).
What about you? Some jellies have kind of inscrutable or funny handles, so I thought it would be fun to discuss how we came up with them here.

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Because I have been lightly seared on the reality grill.

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It’s my first name.

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First name, last two initials

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It was the name picked out when signing up on another website years ago. Members had a list of last names to select from and could make up any first name. It struck me as a play on words for “Pied Piper”, a story that I find fascinating.

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Mine’s no handle, more of a knob.

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I just love the sea.

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First name, last initial, date my wife and I started dating.

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It’s one of my favorite French words, I just love the way it looks/sounds.

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Named after a favorite pet, long deceased.

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I just could’t come up with a creative, appropriate user name, so I became Yet another user of fluther!

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Well, she’s an inspiration so I am named after her.

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I forget.

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Same one I used at the now dead I chose it there because it is the name of a poem I like.

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I like the pun.

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I’m a harp player, and I’m sweet and little, so harple seemed to fit… A lot of people think it says harpie though… quite a different creature!

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It’s my name.

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Because rather than being me .. my presence here is only others’ digital impression of me… which can, quite often, be far from accurate.

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“Coloma” is the tourist town I live in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Ca.where the goldrush began back in the 1840’s.

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My first name. I started out as EnchantingEla but changed to plain Ela.
I’m not all that enchanting ; )

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First 4 letters of my first and last names!

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It is my real name.

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Occupation + first initial of nickname.

Super lame… I know.

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It just sort of popped into my head when I joined. And it’s true.

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Because no matter what I did in my life I have no regrets

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I found it in a coffee can.

Actually it’s from Shakespeare, the Cymbeline play. I replaced the C with an S because I thought it was a good idea at the time. It’s a name I got on AnswerBag about eighty seven years ago, so because I had it for so long it really stuck, and it would have felt weird changing it. actually I was just lazy and didn’t wanna think up something new

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I like historical geology. My name is Lon and so I got gondwanalon from “Gondwanaland”. Gondwanaland was a supper continent that split away from Pangaea around 180 million years ago to eventually fragment into such land masses as South America, Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica.

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Birth month + initials (which are ‘LAN’, not ‘ian’, as people often think.)

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It’s a six million acre park in Northern NYS. I fucking love it.

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I have two blue eyes and live in NH

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@Adirondackwannabe Oh, see, and all this time I thought you wanted to be a chair. :D

Berserker's avatar

he doesn’t?

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It sounds catchy (plus its a song) how much better can it be!?

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@bewailknot: Because no matter what I did in my life I have no regrets.

I’m a little slow tonight and do not understand your reference. Please explain again.

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@Adirondackwannabe: And don’t forget that it is forever wild.

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O.K. This is the story of my username, since you did ask, after all. LillyCoyote is sort of a “nom de plume” I had lying around the house. Years and years ago, there was writers’ site I wanted to join; to register for and the site required that you be a published writer and I am not.

So … I created a false identity, Lilly Coyote, which is kind of an “analog” of my real name, and created a bunch of fake short story titles and a bunch of fake, obscure, literary magazine titles in which my fake short stories had been published, hoping to fool the admins of the site. I was hoping for a certain amount of pretentiousness on their part; that they might not be willing to admit that they had never heard of or couldn’t find evidence of the literary magazines I had made up.

Anyway, after I had done that I took a good hard look at myself and said: “Lilly, or whatever your name is, if you put as much energy into actually writing something as you are putting into creating a fake identity, fake stories and fake literary magazines you might actually write and finish something and become a published writer,” so I shelved the whole business.

Then one night, I logged onto a site called, expecting to be on there a day or so at most, and lillycoyote was kind of there already … but I fell in love with the place, and lillycoyote has been my primary online identity ever since.

LOL. Why is my answer, once again, 100 times longer than anyone else’s answer? Because I’m pretty much a long-winded blowhard, I guess. I know that!

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Because I’m a Bears fan (not Chicago), and Rare rhymes with it.

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@gailcalled just pretend the K is a space

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@WillWorkForChocolate @Symbeline Just so you know, that’s been filed away for future retaliation. Yeah, like you’re so scared of me. :)

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A title bequeathed to me from a few people.

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You already know this @bookish1, but I had a dream that I was a white lion being chased by hunters. Apparently, white lions exist and they are not albino.

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An old nick name. My last name is Berry, and I’m black.

@gailcalled What pun? I don’t get it.

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Again, my name is Gail Calder.

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oh I get it now, then. lol

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@gailcalled I hate repeating myself, too. I apologize for that :)

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Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber

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I am a food enthusiast and cardamom, which is used a lot in Indian cooking, is my favorite spice. I love spicy food. I am not a Mom, as some have thought.

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@Kardamom: Some kinds of Indian cooking ;) In my regional cuisine, it’s almost exclusively used in desserts and drinks.

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@bookish! Yes, cardamom is used in many Indian desserts. But it’s also used in a lot of common Indian curries such as:

Aloo Gobi

Channa Masala

Dal Mahkani

Palak Paneer

That’s why I love it so much : )

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@Kardamom: Yep, I know that; it’s all North Indian food. There’s an immense variety of Indian cuisines out there that people don’t know about, because what gets imported into the West is almost always North Indian cuisines for some reason.

Have you ever had Sheera or kesari bath? That’s my favorite cardamom dessert… :)

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@bookish1 No I haven’t. Do you know of any places in Orange County of Los Angeles that serve those?

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@Kardamom How much would you hate me if I told you that I always think of the Kardashians when I see your username?

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@mangeons I would LOL. I never would have even considered that. I’m soooooo the opposite of a Kardashian in every way shape and form.

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@Kardamom: I don’t know the West Coast one whit unfortunately. But if you find an Udipi/Udupi restaurant (it’s a specific legendary South Indian cuisine with lots of restaurants) they might make it there although it’s kinda home-cookin style. It’s also a pretty easy recipe to make yourself, and it is ambrosia. :) Substitute the “rava” in the recipe for cream of wheat.

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@mangeons LMAO Oh god that’s funny. Does that mean Kardamom is the next NBA MVP prize?

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