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In a fictional world where the US national anthem is a pop song or a jazz or rock or R & B song, which would be your pick?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25284points) June 22nd, 2012

And, oh yeah, a rap song or a children’s song too.

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James Brown

Uh, get down now!

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Born in the USA

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This Land is Your Land

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The Roots did the Star Spangled Banner on the Colbert Report a few years ago… So I’d just take that.

I tried to find a link of it, but it’s not on Colbert’s site anymore, and all the other links I found were taken down by Viacom :( .

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That really cheesy song: “I’d rather be in America! Where at least I know I’m freeee!”


Or the Jimmy Hendrix version of the anthem.

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I second This Land is Your Land.

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Happy Birthday.

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I like big butts and I cannot lie…

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Donald Trump’s cigars?

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“America the Beautiful” .. but only the first verse. I’d prefer to steer away from songs that celebrate victories in war, favoring instead the natural beauty and splendor of the nation and its people. Kinda like the Korean national anthem.

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Sell Your Soul – Hollywood Undead

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Money for Nothing.

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Another vote for Born in the USA. For my own country’s anthem I would prefer “Land of Hope and Glory”

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