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Pre-paint Jitters?

Asked by majorrich (14711points) June 22nd, 2012

Picked up the paint for the job this morning. Just standard Acrylic Enamel, I don’t know why but I’m as shaky as a bridegroom. I’ve painted tractors and farm stuff but that was years ago. Last car I painted was 10 years ago and I used leftover John Deere one part enamel. This time I practically have to go into the lab to mix the paint components and using a new LPHV gun. Any tips last minute before I begin butchering this thing in the morning? Limco Paint mixing 8:1:4. anyone with experience with Limco?

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Are you painting another car?

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another Miata, but this time looks count. I am unfamiliar with the paint and it’s properties and have only sprayed mineral spirits through the gun to get used to the controls. I postponed spraying due to wind and the threat of rain, giving me more time to study the paint and be psychotic. I gave up golf because of tee box anxiety. I had a 5 handicap, but in a tournament if anyone was watching me tee off, I would invariably shoot terribly.

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This brought back a flood of memories when I painted my Camaro and long long time ago. Having never painted anything with a spray gun before I just went for it. Everything went swimmingly until that last square foot of hood I had to do. I watched in horror as a bead of sweat formed on my nose and fell in slow motion and went “splat” in the fresh paint. So wear a sweat band or two is my only suggestion!

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