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Sup mods?

Asked by Zyx (4147points) June 23rd, 2012

A year or so ago I posted a question with a typo. The question was moved back to editing, but after I had corrected the error my question had been forgotten and I never did get an answer. I tried re-asking the question but less than an hour after I had done so my question was deleted completely for being a duplicate.

I asked the mod for the reasoning behind this action and pleaded with him to substitute the newer question for the older one as I myself had no way of deleting the older question. Nothing good came of this.

Now a couple of weeks ago I spelled “right” as “rite” in another post and naturally my question was struck down by German aircraft (moved back to editing by mods).

When I corrected the error my question was moved back to editing once again with the following message “Hi, Zyx. Since this was asked 5 days ago, it would be better to ask it as a whole new question at this point. Otherwise, not many people will see it. Thanks! ”

I feel forced to ask the question: “sup?”.

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Mod bashing was yesterday, if I am not wrong.
I mean, come on, just be a bit lenient when asked to edit your question, just as lenient as the mods are towards us.

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Perhaps you could proof read before submitting your question.

Also, this seems more appropriate for a PM to @augustlan or one of the mod team.

Unless, of course, this Q was also a typo and you meant it to read “Soup mods?” – where you would be offering up some homemade goodness.

Mmmmm, now I’m hungry.

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@rebbel & @cprevite I wasn’t here yesterday and since I’ve received contradictory information I can’t make a decision with any confidence. I’m not tying to bash the mods but with great power comes great responsibility. I do read my questions before posting them and I do think this “question” belongs here even if the title isn’t very good.

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Just drop it. It is a lost battle from the start. Take it or leave it. Mods have a great fan base here—to say the least. A clique kind of thing.
Sit back, relax, and watch how this thread develops. There will be those that defend the mods—no matter if you are right or not—, those who will make endless fun of you or your question, those who will try to thread-jack this and make it about something else, those who say is your fault any way (Why didn’t you proofread? Why? Why? Why?), those who’d say you are a troll, etc., etc., etc.
Mark my words. Watch and see.
PS. They might ignore your question after this.

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Your frustration is understandable. Based upon what you describe, I would feel the same way and probably take the same action if I kept hitting a brick wall. What I’ve found is that Augustlan and the moderators are always willing to admit when errors are made on their part. They are only human after all.

Sometimes, there are glitches in the system, and the mods take them seriously. Other times, they hold team discussions on how a situation should have been handled and come to a different conclusion. Sometimes, they agree that it was handled properly based upon the history of the post.

Bide your time in waiting for a response from the moderation team. I have yet to see a case like this where one of them didn’t respond with an explanation and/or apology.

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Yes, there ARE glitches in the system. Been there, done that. Don’t push it too far with the mods though. They can get their back up.

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I’m not sure what your complaint is. It seems to be this: the moderators changed their policies to make sure what happened to you a year ago wouldn’t happen again, and you are mad at them for fixing what used to be a problem. Questions sometimes get lost because people do not edit them in a timely fashion. We get that. So now we encourage you to abandon the old question and ask it again rather than just edit the old one if a lot of time has passed. Do you think we should go back to the old way?

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All @Zyx is trying to do is finally get their question asked. I see no bashing here. I would be irritated too.

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I don’t see any bashing here either. Just confusion.

I can understand why there might be some confusion since there were two different outcomes to the same type of situation. It looks like the mod who handled the second example in the details handled the situation better. If there was a policy change it’s not the fault of the users if they don’t know there was a policy change and things are handled differently now. I wish users could ask questions like this without being accused of mod bashing. All that accomplishes is silly arguments.

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I love the mods…...and they love me. :)

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I’ve no issues with the mods, on the whole they do a grand job & if something of mine is removed I largely don’t give a shit & move happily on.
However, it seems the mere mention of a potentially justified instance wherby a genuine error was made & a clear resolution is sought, brings about a siege mentality in some.
“Bashing” mods is way too simplistic a term to use & sometimes quite inaccurate.

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I am sympathetic. I have never had any luck getting mods to make sense, though. Mostly they seem defensive and have no interest in understanding problems. If they fuck me, I just throw a few words like these at them, and then move on.

My only other choice would be to quit. Many people have urged me to do that, so a side benefit of sticking around is knowing I am making some people really annoyed.

The moderation here makes me unhappy. In my experience, it has been quite arbitrary. I won one appeal, but it takes too much energy to fight these things. I just put my ass in the air and let them to their thing. They say they think they are doing a service, but I think that at least one of them loves the power. Well, more power to them. Hope they enjoy pissing me off.

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I don’t think the intent of @Zyx was to bash the mods at all, and I think several of you are getting a little bit defensive. I understand being confused by the change in policy, but the new policy really does make things a lot easier and helps older questions to still get answered. In the future, @Zyx, the better way to handle this would be to send a PM or an e-mail (via the “contact” button at the top of the page) to @augustlan.

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I know there are no new changes happening on Fluther with the boys busy elsewhere, but I do wish that when a question is returned and fixed that it goes back to the head of the questions, not back in the place it originally came out of.

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@chyna I’ve always wished that, too.

@Zyx I’m not exactly sure what you mean when you say the old question was forgotten and you never got the answer you were looking for. Was it reposted days later, after you edited it, getting lost because it reappeared in its original spot? Or are you saying that it never got reposted (because there were still errors or maybe it fell through the cracks)? If it never got reposted, I will happily investigate that for you. Just let me know what question you’re referring to, and I’ll look into it.

If it was reposted in its original position, this is the scenario: If a question is asked twice within a short time frame, the second one will get removed as a duplicate. It wouldn’t be fair to those who’ve already answered the first one to remove the older one and let the newer version stand. When you find that the first question is a bust as far as answers go (it happens occasionally), we recommend that you wait a while (3 weeks or so) before you ask it again. Ideally, you’d mention the previous question in the new question, explaining that you are giving it another shot.

If we return a question for editing, and rather than edit it, the member simply asks it again, we remove the second as a duplicate, and ask that they edit the original, instead.

Lastly, keep in mind that when an edited question is returned to us, it doesn’t tell us how old the question is. Unless the mod who sees it happens to catch the fact that it’s an old question, it will get reposted in its original spot. This is why it’s so important to make your edits in a timely manner. If we do catch the fact that it’s older than a couple of days, we send it back and recommend that you ask it as a whole new question so it will be seen by more people.

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Well I can’t seem to find the first question anymore but I guess I’ll just repost my other question. Should I try to move the current version out of editing as well? There wouldn’t be much sense in linking to it otherwise…

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@Zyx If it’s never been reposted, go ahead and abandon it. I’d probably still mention that you’d tried to ask it before, just so people don’t flag your new question as a duplicate.

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@wundayatta You and I have had different experiences, and although I’m not unhappy with the mods, I agree with you. Well said.

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@augustlan I’d probably still mention that you’d tried to ask it before, just so people don’t flag your new question as a duplicate.

Is flagging of duplicates really that common? I’m just curious how often that happens and how recent a person (the flaggers) considers a question to be a duplicate.

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@jonsblond Questions get flagged as duplicates pretty regularly. If it’s a very specific question, asked twice by the same person, it’s pretty likely to be flagged by multiple people, even if the first one happened months prior. (“Hey, didn’t you already ask this?”)

For questions on the same topic asked by different people, it’ll usually get flagged if the first question was asked in the prior week or two.

In both cases, the more memorable the topic, the likelier a second question will be flagged.

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@wundayatta The current moderators are @Seaofclouds, @laureth, @SuperMouse, @augustlan, and @Bellatrix. Having served with all of them on the mod squad, I can tell you that none of them are in love with the power. I’m not even sure what would make you accuse any of them of such a thing. I find it odd that you are happy to avail yourself of the rules when they suit you, but do nothing but complain when they provide a minor inconvenience.

I get that you do not like being moderated, and I get that you don’t like the rules, but that doesn’t mean that they are unable to be understood. As for us attempting to understand your problems, I recall from my time moderating that your idea of us understanding your problem was us giving in to your every demand with no attempt at compromise. You’ve even prevented us from fixing things you consider problems in order to have something about which you can continue complaining.

There are plenty of unmoderated forums on the internet, and they’d all be happy to have you. I’m not telling you to leave. I wouldn’t want that, and I doubt there are many who do. Perhaps some, but I am unaware of them. Still, it might ease the pain for you to have more than one outlet if one let you say whatever you so please. Of course, that means letting everyone else say to you whatever they please—something to which you’ve historically objected—but maybe you’d get used to it.

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@SavoirFaire You’re pretty funny. Thanks for a good laugh!

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@wundayatta And you’re just proving my point. So thank you.

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