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Who is modding now, and where do the ex-mods go?

Asked by Trillian (21126points) June 23rd, 2012

Mods are generally faceless, nameless entities for me. I only learn someone is a mod by mistake, and generally don’t retain that info. Recently, a couple absences managed to penetrate the thick layer of oblivion which is my mind, and these beings are, or rather were, also mods.
Is there a mod heaven? A separate mansion? A mod purgatory for perhaps using the “power” in a way not commensurate with the founder’s intent?
Is it all coincidence and I’m completely misreading because I don’t notice things?
I like Dog. It would be good to see her posts again.
Just curious on a Saturday morning…

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Here is a list of the current moderators. Since I am still a moderator I know nothing about the mod after life…

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It is a time consuming job. Sometimes people get tired of doing it. Sometimes life gets in the way.

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@SuperMouse I recognize two of those names. And didn’t know about you, see? I for some reason felt like there used to be a lot more mods. Chalk it up to my lack of attentiveness to reality once again.
Thank you!

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The hell, the Bastard isn’t a mod anymore? Aaw.

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I noticed one of the mods in the above link is no longer a user or is taking a break?

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@jonsblond Taking a break, she’ll be back soon. :)

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@Symbeline Yeah! What the hell happened to the bastard modding? Whaaaaa!

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<—burned out mod, now I get to be a bitch (when I can get away with it).

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I’ve been a mod since I joined this place, but I wish to remain anonym…......oh shit!!

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They go off to a beautiful wild flower meadow and lie down amid the sweet smelling flowers.

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The link @SuperMouse gave will always list current mods. (@Bellatrix is taking a break to get a big project done. She’ll be back very soon, thank goodness!)

People become mods when they have the time and energy to dedicate to the site. When circumstances change for them, they move on. On to med school, a new job, a new baby, etc. As @syz mentioned, burn-out is a factor, too. I’m eternally grateful for all the work they’ve put into the site.

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“Where do all the ex mods go? Long time passing…”:

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“Where do all the ex mods go? Long time ago…”

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I’ve got “Where do broken hearts go?” stuck in my head now.

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@augustlan Don’t send me off on musical tangents. I thought “where have all the flowers gone?” was a stupid, dlower-child protest song. Then I googled it. Boy, was I wrong.
I still picture Joan Baez, knitting a shawl, gazing sadly inward at rows and rows of graves….

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@Symbeline I miss that Bastard :(
Love your profile picture, by the way!

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@Joker94 Oh hey hi! Haven’t seen you around for a bit.

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The ex-mods are all in my basement party room, playing Naked Twister, and indulging in an endless supply of rum, chocolate, and my awesome homemade tacos. @augustlan won the Strip Monopoly game last night.

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Man that happens when you’re a mod? Homework my ass! XD

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Just to clarify, I’m perfectly aware that @augustlan is not an “ex-mod”... she drops by to keep everyone in line. With that whip. And this other weird leather thing…

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Yikes, what happened to them all? There were 15 of us when I was a Mod! Holy carps, I had no idea it was just the wee lot of you running things on your own. You guys deserve a pallet of espresso brownies for fuel! And lots of tequila, for forgetting!

Where did I go? Well, my life got significantly more awesome and interesting when I entered service.. so I went off to live it. That and it meant I was working 2 jobs and just didn’t have the time or mental energy to moderate anymore. My service has ended, but I am trying to continue using my time productively.. Trying to start a cane (as in punishment) business. :)

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