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Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Asked by thesparrow (2733points) June 30th, 2012

I’ve taken the quiz and despite thinking that I may have been more of an extrovert (or, at least, that I was both evenly) I scored quite high as an introvert.

Has anyone ever taken a quiz like this? What were your results?

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I am an introvert.
Which quiz?

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Team Introvert! It’s the most unambiguously expressed feature of my personality.

I remember awhile back someone asked a question about people’s Miggs-Bryer test profiles, and the Flutherverse seems to be heavily skewed toward introverts. That makes perfect sense to me. This kind of mediated socialization lets me indulge my deep interest in people (being an introvert doesn’t mean I don’t like people) in a more introvert-friendly way.

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Introvert. I’ve read quite a bit about MBTI and introversion.

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edit: oops, “Meyers-Briggs”

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I’m the most extroverted of the introverts. lol
Yes, I’m a fan of the Meyers-Briggs temperament sorter and the Enneagram. I am textbook ENTP extroverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving and while we are gregarious and extroverted types, super mentally quick and energetic, curious knowledge seekers that love stimulating discussions and socializing, we also really value our space and alone time. While I am energized by stimulating social situations I also prefer to be alone rather than to be around people just for the sake of being around people.

If you’re not interesting to me I’d rather read a book or enjoy a happy brownie and rearrange my house. lol

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I have tendencies of both.

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I am 1% extrovert. I do perfectly well in large groups of people and spending time socializing does not sap my energy. When it comes time to recharge my batteries though I really need to be alone. My Meyers Briggs type is ENFP.

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A bit of both, but it’s easier for me to pull back than to go ahead.

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Today my Myers Briggs type is E (11%), S (1%), F (38%), J (22%). I have no idea how consistent these scores might be if I took the test a few weeks ago or a few weeks from now.

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I think I’m an introvert who desires to be an extrovert; it seems easier.

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I’m more on the extroverted end of the scale. Doesn’t mean that I have a melt down if I haven’t talked to someone in 2 minutes, just as most introverts I know don’t freak out if they’re within 5 feet of another person…

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I’m pretty sure I don’t need a quiz to know I’m an introvert. My entire life I’ve been told I’m quiet and shy. In just about every yearbook I’ve had since middle-school the common theme was “You are so sweet and nice but so very quiet and shy!”. I’ve grown out of the shyness quite a bit but I’m still very much a quiet person. Just spending a day in a crowd will give me a terrible headache at the end of the day and I feel drained. I feel anxiety the moment I’m invited to a party or large gathering. I like individual interactions or time with myself.

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I’m an introvert, unless I’m horny.

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^^that made me giggle. :D

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@thorninmud: IRC seems full of INTPs, specifically. I noticed lawyers are often ENTPs. Lots of others break along professional/habitual lines.

@jonsblond: the meaning of introvert in this context isn’t quite the same as it is in day to day language. It might suggest that too, but it’s more about how you take in information or how you socialize. For instance, do you prefer to write (introvert) or speak (extravert?). Do you find socializing something that zaps you? Or is it relaxing? You may enjoy it either way, but in one case you’re an introvert and in the other you’re an extravert.

That said, MBTI is considered rather dated. The major dimensions of personality are now considered openness, conscientiousness, extraversion/introversion, agreeableness, and neurotocism (OCEAN is the backronym). Here is a test if you’re interested.

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It’s also characteristic that each type will resort to it’s shadow function under stress.
Extroverts become more quiet and solitary and introverts often become uncharacteristically extroverted, outspoken, more risk taking and spontaneous.

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It seemed really weird that I got introvert because I love being social and in bigger crowds, at parties, bars, etc. @jonsblond That’s weird, too.. I never get anxious when I’m in a large gathering of people. Mind you, I also drink when I’m in a large gathering of people..

But almost everything else fits the bill:
not a risk-taker
avoids conflict
likes being alone
can easily concentrate on one thing

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It depends on the occasion.

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I’m as ENFP as ENFP gets, apparently.

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Extroverted introvert!

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Introvert. The last time I took that personality test I was INTP.

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@Blackberry makes a good point. I’m not at all shy either lol.. Just like to keep to myself or a select few.

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Why yes! Yes I am!

Thanks for asking.

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Haven’t yet checked out everyone else’s answer. But I believe, that like sexuality, personalities with regard to trovertism is on a spectrum and the dial can move up or down depending upon one’s circumstances. I’m neither one or the other. Sometimes I’m more of one and sometimes I’m more of the other.

Take some from column A and some from column B and with six you get egg rolls. I don’t believe that anyone’s trovertism is set in stone. By simply, consciously changing your behavior or attitude (when you realize that it isn’t helping you or when other people point out that it’s causing them pain), even if you don’t want to, or it isn’t fun or comfortable, changes how you are. At least at that time that the behavior is changed.

I don’t go in for those personality tests. Many times the answers that you can choose from are simply not qualitatively accurate. I always look for an answer that is more like: Sometimes, but not if this or that happens. Or Never, except if it was an emergency. Or Always, but not if XYor Z was also happening. Or Most of the time, except when it’s Not.

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Haha, definitely don’t need a quiz to know I’m introverted, although I am muuuch less so than I used to be. Socializing used to be an activity I had to “recover” from. Now I would rather spend most of my time with a close friend or group of friends than be alone. I even like getting to know new people. But I still don’t like loud or crowded situations.

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I’m an extrovert when I’m around of folks I don’t know well.

I become very introverted when I’m within a familiar environment.

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Both, last time I took the test I scored evenly across the entire board.

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Introvert through and through.

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Nope, never needed to take any test either. I’m an introvert from a family of introverts. I love people and making connections. But I need to be alone to unwind; being around people is very draining for me, although I can be very gregarious and engaging. I can’t do shit for at least two hours after I teach! I had to teach myself to be an extroverted introvert, however, or I wouldn’t have any friends.

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I haven’t taken the test either, but I’m most likely an introvert. Quite often I like my own company better than the company of other people. Doesn’t mean I’m loner or that I don’t want to learn from other people. I would like to be an extrovert, because it looks easier. Seems to me, though, that some extroverts only talk to hear themselves talk. What can they possibly learn from that? Of course not all extroverts, some really have something to say. Sometimes I also say meaningless things too. Maybe that’s all I say, I don’t know.
It’s amazing how different people are. It’s what causes all this trouble I think, but also what causes all this beauty. The world is confusing.

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I’m an introvert as is my hubby and two out of my three children. My best friend has described herself as an extreme introvert but when I see just how social she is it makes me wonder just how introverted I am.

If I hit more than two social occasions a week I am burned out by week four and take a month to recover. But I enjoy people (for the most part).

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I am probably the largest introvert you will meet. I’ve been known to spend days cloistered away in my room only imerging to eat and use the bathroom. Even then I rarely talk. my parents like to rail on me about my somewhat lack of a social life (I have 10 friends tops and I don’t social network). I have always tested highly as an introverted thinker. I spend most of that time in my room reading and designing.

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I think it’s also interesting that people tend to choose partners who are opposite.. I.e. introverts will choose extroverts.

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@thesparrow All of my best friends have been extroverts. I’m an introvert. I’m a good listener and I never talk over the extrovert. It works well. (I’m sure my husband will make a joke about me never talking over him but he’s different. Since I’m his wife I’m allowed to do that with him) ;)

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@jonsblond I think I’m the same. My fiancee is an extrovert and I am an introvert. I feel myself listening more as well, but I’m usually a listener. I much prefer to be absorbed by what others say than to talk myself. I am genuinely entertained by peoples’ personal problems. I can literally listen to someone talk about their relationship and family problems for HOURS.

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@thesparrow: Interesting to hear that. Is this just from your own experience or is that a truism?

I definitely get along best with other introverts as friends, and also tend to fall for introverts, as long as they are not more introverted than I am, haha.

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