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How to do conversational hypnosis, give embedded commands and manipulate people?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) January 13th, 2011

I want to learn conversational hypnosis, how to give embedded commands in sentences. I want to get better at convincing at persuading people. How can I do it? Is this the same as NLP ? Anybody knows how to do it? Any videos or other resources online? Or any good books that would teach me these techniques?

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Sounds like you need to take a few lessons with HYPNO TOAD!
Why do you feel you need to persuade, influence or control people with commands in speech?
What… is… your…Agenda?!

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This sounds creepy. Instead of learning to manipulate people, why don’t you learn to express yourself in a more compelling way?

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Give the FBI, CIA, or KGB a call…they know

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Or you could take lessons from Yoda and Obi-wan. And may the force be with you . .. . . . . ...

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Abusing any sort of ‘therapy’ is unethical and, dare I say, sociopathic IMO.

Bottom line, you cannot magically hypnotize anyone without their consent, without their willingness to be put in a trance to begin with.

Hypnotherapy is not some snake oil side show trick, it is a SERIOUS theraputic tool.

Shame on you for wanting to use a medically approved therapy in a manipulative manner.

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There are methods of mind control but one has to be very careful in using them. You should never try and control another to have them agree with you. What goes around comes around be very careful.

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I can help and listen to me carefully. My fee is $160.00 per hour. You will be glad to pay this amount as my techniques are solid and fool proof. After just a few one hour sessions you will feel empowered with your new found ability to win friends and influence people. You will be amazed at how good you feel and you also will feel stronger and more alive than you ever had.

I require two sessions to be payed up front and have openings on Wednesday evenings or Friday morning. <<Pull out your wallet and pay me now!>>

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I would like to point out as well that anyone can go under the influence of mind control even without their consent. It is simply a case of getting the mind in the Alpha state.

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It cannot be done.

Which is a good thing since bozos like you want to do it.

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it can be done….cults do it, governments do it, religion does it…to name a few

This site looks interesting….

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I charge $185 an hour, which means I’m better than @Cruiser.

See if you can find the hidden hypnotic command in that sentence. It’s there, and it’s working on you right now.

But hold on right there. Even if I had the time to treat you, I wouldn’t do it. Not for someone as unsubtle as you.

Quick! Which was is up!

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become a Jedi

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“Those are not the geeks you are looking for.”

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i dont know about hypnosis to get what you want, but in the military police field, they teach us “Verbal Judo” basically using your vocal abilities to get the bad guy to do what you want, even though the bad guy is thinking he is doing what he wants…

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