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What causes thrush in a baby?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42290points) July 4th, 2012

As asked.

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It is a yeast infection. Babies stick everything in their mouth. They can get it off of pacifiers, or from chewing on the same toys as an infected kid. Some people are more susceptible than others.
When my daughter had it the doctor said that red heads sometimes get it easier than others.

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Tonight my 7 month old grand daughter came back from her mother and she has thrush. Can be it from laziness and neglect?

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It happens because baby’s’ immune systems are underdeveloped particularly if the baby was premature. Infections can also happen after treatment with antibiotics. This is because antibiotics reduce the levels of healthy bacteria in your baby’s mouth, which allows fungus levels to increase. It is common and more common in bottle fed than breast fed babies.

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Yeast infection (candida). It’s not caused by chewing on same toys as infected kid. It’s just an abundance of this naturally occurring yeast. It is very common, and does not appear to have a medical “cause”.

Anyway, it’s not a sign of “laziness and neglect”.

Note: Make sure you’re daughter/daughter-in-law is aware of how to treat this. If she’s breastfeeding, she’ll need to make sure they’re not passing this back and forth. Thrush can be a bit challenging to treat if only the baby is treated. It can also cause severe pain for the mom if she is infected.

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Thush can happen in anyone with a weakend immune system.

A baby, by default, has not had time to get an immune system yet. If you go to the doctor he will give you something. I get thrush whenever I get sick. I get sick once every other year or so, but when I do… I am out for the count.

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My Mom, God rest her soul, always said it was from not being clean.

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My daughter got thrush once. The Dr. said it was a result of the antibiotics she’d been taking that killed off the bacteria that kept the thrush under control.. Adrionna hasn’t been on antibiotics lately, and I don’t think she’s been sick. The baby isn’t breast fed, she’s bottle fed. My son is concerned that the mother props the baby’s bottle up so she doesn’t have to hold it, and that’s what is causing it.

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@Dutchess_III – Be sure to inform your son that the propped up bottle has nothing to do with candida.

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Here is some more info if they are interested. It is extremely common.

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I would guess that excess milk dripping from her little mouth down her chin (and bottle) and on her face is going to spoil, or get yeasty from the heat while she sleeps. It doesn’t help that it gets on her bed clothes where her head lays down for every nap and bedtime. Do you think her mom changes her bed sheet every day? I doubt any mother of a young child does that.

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What they said.

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:) Thank you.

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