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If you run away with the circus, what kind of performer would you be?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26775points) July 8th, 2012

Make your own unique scenario. Maybe you hate clowns and the circus but no matter. Hypothetically, you still end up running away with the circus and you have to be a performer if you wish to survive. Which act do you think you could do? Which one you will really be interested in in doing, if any?

Funny, maybe introspective answers are most welcome! Thanks.

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I’d be the bearded lady.

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I used to be a gymnast so maybe some kind of tumbling or trampolining act, and heights aren’t a huge deal for me so the trapeze looks kinda fun. Maybe even some breakdancing. Maybe ask to be cross trained into fire-breathing/fire dancing.

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I would have been known as ’‘Scabrielle’’, where I would inflict severe cuts on myself a few days before the performance, and then slowly rip them off and eat them in front of the public. freak shows are LIKE a circus, right?

But if I really have to be from a traditional circus, I’d probably just be some hobo stealing peanuts from the elephants. I would have run away, looking for greater paths, and better peanuts!

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Sword swallower ; O

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Being a performer, circus or otherwise, no longer holds any interest to me. Been there; done that. However, travelling with a circus group is a fascinating concept. Would it be okay to take on some other role, like scouting out locations, advertising, helping to pitch tents, selling popcorn, recycling elephant manure? These tasks would be much more pleasing.

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A really bad knife thrower.

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@ragingloli Even if it’s an elephant as the target to avoid? : )

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When I was a kid I wanted to be a bare back rider a la Toby Tyler, but if I did it now I would like to do the costuming. Spangles everywhere!

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Ι would be the shows clown!

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Trapeze performer, no question!

It would scare me to death but I do love/hate that thrill of doing the things that frighten me.

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Hmmmmm… bearded lady? Just get me a toupee and some hair glue, and I’d be good to go! I might also like to try being the lion tamer. I love cats, even if they eat my head.

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I’m with @Blueroses on this, definitely a trapeze artist, as a young child I dreamt of being a trapeze artist in the Moscow Circus. And it would also scare me, I don’t like heights.

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I’d be OK cleaning up after and feeding the animals and being nice to them. I abhor the idea of animals being used in circuses, so if I was there, I’d want to keep them comfortable and safe.

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@Kardamom I don’t like the idea of animals in circuses either. Saw a documentary about animals once, and they showed a circus elephant, who decided he was sick of this shit, and just busted off running into the streets. Of course, they killed it. :(

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@Symbeline and @Kardamom I remember when I was young, we went to see a Russian circus that was traveling and the only animal was one bear. The bear seemed so joyful! Like he enjoyed his tricks and the troupers all were giving him hugs and high-fives like he was doing his job like the rest of them.

It just felt like the opposite of cruelty. The bear liked them; they liked the bear.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

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RingMaster, always the center of attention.

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@Blueroses that poor bear was trained to look like it enjoyed waving and giving high fives. But bears are wild animals, not domesticated pets. Can you imagine being held captive and made to “work” for your food? The bear didn’t have any choice. Bears belong in the forest, not under spotlights in front of cheering humans, and not being transported by train or bus across the countryside, never seeing the great outdoors or having a chance to be a bear. Bears and other “circus” animals have a nature, and that nature is not to be turned into a spectacle for human entertainment.

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Unfortunately, @ragingloli‘s target.

and no, I’m not an elephant @mazingerz88 :P

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@Kardamom some people might make the same case for dogs or cats.

And yes! I can imagine being held in captivity for my lifestyle and basic needs. I call it “going to work”.

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Oh easy! A trick rider. I’m a horsey kinda girl and a pretty accomplished equestrian.

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P.S. I agree, I do not support circuses, but to answer the Q. that would be my answer.

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I’ve always been a gymnast, so I’d be some type of acrobat. I’m especially interested in doing aerial ribbon acrobatics or trampoline tricks. I’ve long dreamt of running away with the circus!

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I’d ride an elephant. I’m wearing tights and a tutu, both pink, with spangles. I can feel his tough hide beneath me and the motion of his walking. The music playing is a march. His ears are flapping. I slide down and get him to stand. I give him a treat. We like each other.

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If it’s an old-timey circus, I’ll be in the burlesque show. Nakey dance, whoo!

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Band leader!

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As soon as I saw Cirque du Soleil, I wanted to run away and join the circus. But only that circus. Probably as a contortionist. Or an acrobat.

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The accountant.

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If it were still acceptable for animals to be used in the circus (I’m not saying I agree with animals being used for the circus by the way) I would be a horse trainer and doing cool tricks whilst riding horses around the ring as I enjoy working with animals and feel it is where my talents lie. In my dreams I would be one of those performers that tie themselves up in the silk sheets hanging from the roof and spin around in the air and stuff (not sure what they are called).

I have always loved the idea of being part of the circus!

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I changed my mind. If @augustlan is doing dirty burlesque dances, I want to be her photographer.

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I would be the ringmaster. The only thing in a circus that I have any talent for is talking.

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