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When do you know it's the right time to start a new relationship?

Asked by linguaphile (14452points) July 9th, 2012

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Not a simple question. You might start looking when you realize the one you are in is ending. Or you might wait until the old one is completely over and you are done with it emotionally. Or anywhere in that continuum. Searching and finding are the first step.

You need someone else to start one. Some people start a new one as soon as they meet someone, but it’s healthier to get to know someone and have bit of reassurance that this might go somewhere. And, some people fall into one without even realizing it!

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When you meet someone you really click with. Not being facetious at all here – spoken from experience.

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It depends on a few things.

Have you thoroughly processed the break-up and grieving of your previous relationship?

Do you feel stable and happy on your own? (The basis for a good relationship.)

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Interesting the difference in our temperaments @marinelife. I’m much more inclined to jump in if it feels right – not always to my advantage.

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I personally start as soon as the current one ends, after a period of mourning.

However, this method tends to leave one rebounding rather than going in with an open heart, which is questionable.

I don’t think I’ll ever go straight into dating again, I want to be friends first, that is how all of my best relationships have been.

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When the right one comes along.

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After you had enough time to process what went wrong with your previous relationship and what part you played in it ending.

By then you should have become much stronger in yourself (I hope) and be more secure about living as a single person. You may find it difficult to give up the freedom of singledom. That’s not a bad thing though. It gives you time to ascertain whether your feelings for the possible new partner are real and if you want to go forward from there.

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Sometimes the right person reappears at the wrongest hour.

Sometimes your in a great relationship, and then someone new reappears and takes your breath away.

Sometimes you feel like your not worthy of one and then you click with someone from one day to the next and you find out your completely ready.

It depends on a bunch of things.

However, I do feel its important to feel confident before entering a new relationship because if your feeling lonely, empty, insecure… then the chances of meeting the right guy or building the relationship on a healthy basis will be unlikely.

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