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What does "digital art" mean to you?

Asked by harple (10446points) July 10th, 2012

I don’t want to lead you in your answers, but I have a friend running a workshop on digital art tomorrow, and we were discussing how many different interpretations there are of what it might be.

I was interested to know what the tidepool thinks…

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Art created on a computer.
Art made with finger or toe prints.
Art made up of numbers.

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@Sunny2 said it better than I was saying it. GA!

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As long as there is some decent human involvement – as in time and effort – and it is beautiful I would consider it art just like any other.

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Pixar/Dreamworks CGI.
Essentially, drawing for clever buggers.

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Artwork created using a computer.

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I don’t know but it sounds like a contradiction in terms. Perhaps I should join the class to find out.

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I love digital fractal art. So cosmic and cool. I find new fractal art every few days for my desktop. I can spend hours browsing fractal design.

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I should have remembered The Mandelbrot Set. (watch in full screen).

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Technology aided art. Could be videos, stills (drawn or photographs), graphics, even music, I guess. It’s pretty wide open to me.

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Digital art can involve sound, film, video, video games, digital animation, digital photography and combinations of all these things and more digital production methods.

Examples (from Wikipedia) 1
From DeviantArt 3
From Esteban Diacono 4
From Durham College 5

I think digital art is fascinating and quite often beautiful and amazing to look at and watch. Perhaps people can share things they are aware of as examples for us to look at?

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Art created using a computer.

This drawing I did is totally digital, I used a tablet and a painting program – not one speck of real graphite was used.

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Art made with the help of technology. Pretty much the same as @augustlan.

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There are lots of forms of digital art! I admit the first I think of is drawing, usually in Photoshop, with a graphics tablet, because I do that myself. Other forms are 3D modeling, 2D and 3D animation, editing live action footage, photo manipulation, and so on.

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I was searching for this example of digital art, created in part by our very own Andrew, when this question was first asked. I just stumbled on it today, and was reminded to post it here. It’s very cool.

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