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Is there a way to stop the gas guzzling leaf blowers? Any way to convince those who use them there must be another way?

Asked by skfinkel (13506points) May 31st, 2008

These are so loud, so inefficient, yet people seemed bent on using them. What was so wrong with raking? Maybe the high cost of gas will do the trick.

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I rake.

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I have an electric one. I use it in conjunction with my broom and rake. It’s a lot quieter than the gas model as well as better for the environment.

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The gas ones are two-stroke engines, which are also very polluting. It is the same engine that one finds in jet skis. You could probably guess that from the noise.

I hate them.

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I rake but my back yard is all river rock and roses. I would love to have a blower to remove the leaves between all the rocks. They are annoying yes but there are spots that they can be used.

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Even still, I suspect not worth the noise and air pollution.

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I suppose if you offered to rake their yard they’d be willing to stop using their blowers…

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Yes, indeed.

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if you drive car daily I would suggest not preaching about a two stroke leaf blower.

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It’s the noise. And I don’t drive a souped-up motorcycle.

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