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Have you ever felt like murdering someone?

Asked by flutherother (27335points) July 13th, 2012

Everyone gets angry but have you ever wanted to actually kill someone. Why did you feel that way and what do you think of the idea now?

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Yes, but it was only that moment, I never did anything to hurt that person after we had that fight. I don’t get angry easily, but when I do, it’s awful. There’s shouting, saying things I don’t really mean, punching people, etc. But it rarely happens.

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No. slapping them about the head & face with a wet kipper perhaps, but never murder.

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Yes, I have seriously wanted to kill someone.

Why? Because he’s a pedophile and he took horrible advantage of me. And I’m still traumatized because of him. I still want to kill him.

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I’ve wanted to smack one or two in my time. Kill, in the serious!

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Not really, I don’t dislike anyone ,so far, so good. Even the guy who owes me money and skipped who really pissed me off is safe,really hope he comes back Monday.

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I get angry, but I’ve never actually felt like murdering anyone. I mean I’ll joke about it and shit, but I don’t want to take anyone’s life, even if they really ruin my life, or cause me to be miserable. In such cases, which have occurred, the biggest and most powerful feeling or desire I’ve felt was that they would just leave me be.
Also it’s freaky to think that some serial killer approaches to similar matter don’t involve either hatred, dislike, anger or the need for vengeance…but merely every day convenience and solution finding. Like how killing someone is akin to getting rid of stuff in the basement that takes up too much room.

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Yes, and maybe I’ve already done it.

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My mother, when I was a teenager. It was frustrating not understanding her mental illness and going through an extremely stressful time at school and at home for other reasons, I think, decreased my ability to deal with it. A few years on and I’m just starting to get over the guilt I have from constantly swearing at her (there was no word or threat immune from being said and when it got really bad, pushing and throwing things at her) and getting on with life.

I don’t talk about this to anyone – even on online – , but it was so damn hard and I wonder how common these kinds of experiences are when growing up with one or both parents having mental health issues or disorders.

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How interesting. This question reminded me that it was time to do my semi-annual check that this shitbag was still in prison. He’s out. And living less than half an hour from me. Fucking justice system.

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Not really… I felt the need of destroying his valuable possessions – like burning down his house, bashing his car into bits, beating his face in, stealing all his clothes leaving him completely naked in the cold and maybe I wished for his death but hey… I didnt do none of the above. He was a mental abuser, cheater… Highly immoral… Ill just let karma do what its gotta do!

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