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How is a credit check performed?

Asked by guywithanaccountnow (313points) July 16th, 2012

When someone’s doing one on you, does that mean that they actually speak to people who’ve known you?
They have to have info about your bank accounts and addresses, among other things. How do they get that info?

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Not sure how it works where you live but over here (Poland) we have a national debitors registry – there you can check someone’s credit history. Mind you a short but uneventful credit history can be better than no credit history – that’s just how this works.

You can always erase your history from that registry (if there was something you would not want being dragged out again), however this would mean you are back to square one i.e. you have no credit history, and, therefore, not exactly reliable. Hope this helps.

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If for the purpose of evaluating employability.

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