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Does decaffeinating coffee really bring down the quality of taste when it's finally brewed?

Asked by Carly (4555points) July 17th, 2012

I just had a cup of joe and realized after the matter that it was decaf. I don’t think I’ve ever had decaf before, but I always had the impression from others that there was a very comparable taste, a big difference in coffees that are and aren’t.

Are my taste buds dull or does it just depend on how well the coffee beans are processed?

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I’ve never noticed a difference in flavour, as long as they’re the same roast and all that. But then again, I was a heavy smoker until 5 months ago, and I don’t remember whether I’ve had any decaf since then, so I might not be the one to ask.

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I’ve only had decaf in diners when it’s late and I don’t want to stay up half the night, and to me, it tastes pretty similar to regular coffee.

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With a well made cup of good coffee, like Blue Bottle, decaf tastes different from caf. But the more poorly made and over roasted or overly weak, it is very very hard to tell.

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I’ve never noticed a difference in it, nor have I heard that it is supposed to taste different.

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Yes. I can tell the difference between normal and decaff espresso easily. With instant coffee the difference isn’t as noticeable but then all instant coffee tastes foul even before it was soaked in methylene chloride.

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It tastes the same to me. Unless you order decaf at a restaurant, which is usually not brewed as frequently, because it is less popular, which means that sometimes it has been sitting for a long time before anyone drinks it. That can alter the taste.

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Some people are apparently very discerning when it comes to taste. Personally, I cannot tell the difference.

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There is a big difference, but I don’t mind the taste of decaf.

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I switched to Decaf several years ago and never noticed a taste difference.

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Nah. But drinking decaf is like feeding a starving dog a rubber bone.

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I know nothing about the difference in taste, because I don’t drink coffee. But I was watching a show yesterday that explained that the process of decaffeinating coffee beans is so expensive that no one would be able/willing to pay for a cup of it. In order to make it marketable, the people that sell it buy the cheapest coffee beans available. And water it way down.

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I don’t know about lowering the quality of the taste, but it certainly does negates the point of it. I never understood the point of NA beer or taking the caffeine out of coffee. What I want to know is; What do they do with all that caffeine they take out and where can I buy it??

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I switched to decaff once I realised I couldn’t tell the difference. Regular caffeine never did anything to keep me awake either.

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At work, I find regular coffee makes me more sociable and upon arrival to work, I often don’t return phone calls until I have had a cup or two!

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