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Why do girls get a couch?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) June 1st, 2008

Why are there couches in the ladies restroom?

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Because men just take care of business and move on. Besides, we go alone. The couch is for the group of women that accompany the ‘one’ who actually needs to go!

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One could also assume that for mothers, the couch is a quiet and semi-private place to nurse their infants.

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We need a place to rest from having to carry around all that makeup.

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Because if they put one in the men’s room it would get neglected and desttroyed.

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If they put one in the men’s room…we would nap on it (‘least I would).

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There is generally a longer waiting period in the women’s restrooms, hence the couch for the resting part of ‘restrooms’.

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Good Question, but a better question would be “How do you know there’s a couch in the ladies room?”

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Odd. I haven’t seen a sofa in a ladies’ room in years. Where are you seeing them?

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im thinking its because there might be an emergancy pregnancy. you need to get down and pop that sucker out somewhere if your water breaks in the bathroom

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jam: that was vile, inappropriate, and Not Funny.

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When water breaks, baby does not pop out in the next few milliseconds. And you mean emergency delivery, not emergency (sp.. )pregnancy.

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thats what i meant yes yes. sorry for the wierd description. _

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Let’s follow this through. So now there’s couches in men’s rooms. Gentlemen, wouldn’t you be creeped out by what appears to be men loitering around in the men’s room? I just know what that usually means in our society. Best to just do your business, wash your hands, and get out.

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Also, if women are suffering from craps during that time of the month. They can sit,relax and moan all they want in the privacy of the restroom instead of out in the open advertising it to the world.

It’s also a big time saver for nursing mothers who also have other children. They can also sit on the couch while waiting for the next thing.

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Please tell me you meant cramps.

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Oh God! Yes. Sorry.


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The alternative had me rolling on the floor with laughter!

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I think it IS about cramps and the like. There used to be an article called a “fainting couch” which
was for having litle rests when you were feeling under the weather. You would sorta
recline on it and your auntie or your friend would wave smelling salts under your nose
till you felt better.
Men would never need such a thing, being strong and hardy.

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