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What television commercials are you hating on lately?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16799points) July 19th, 2012

For me it’s the Progressive car insurance ads, and I wonder if the Flobots have filed a lawsuit- what are your most hated right now?

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Well, the fat man had to die sooner or later.

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@ucme I don’t even need to open that to know which one you’re talking about!! Which is really sad as it shows the damn thing works :¬(

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I’d have to go with the Lenscrafters one where the librarian is threatening you, and it turns out not to be an S&M commercial but a come-on for eyeglasses.

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There’s one for a psoriasis medication that bugs me to no end.

The voice over says something like “Kids. They’ll be honest about anything; especially my niece. So when she commented about my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, I was so embarrassed.”

Really? You have “moderate to severe plaque psoriasis”? Like, I get the idea, but no one would talk like that.

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Before Viacom channels vanished off DirectTV, I would watch Nickelodeon late at night with my boyfriend and his sister. Every commercial pissed us off, particularly its obvious slant toward female audiences. It was offensive to our intelligence. Who wants to buy glitter tattoos at that our? Why would someone break up with their pad? Ridiculous.

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I hate the commercials for the prescription medications. It used to be that prescription medications could NOT advertise on tv, but the big pharmaceutical companies spread around enough lobby money to Congress to get the ban lifted. Have you ever actually listened to the warnings about the side effects of some of these medications? The side effects are chilling & yet they are being pitched to desperate people who are willing to try anything to diminish whatever problem that they have.

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All of the Bing commercials. I just hate Bing so much that even though the commercials are not that bad they drive me absolutely nuts. Their search engine doesn’t seem to ever give helpful results, which makes it a failure as a search engine.

And, frankly, the idea of a social search engine isn’t that appealing. I’m glad you have clever ideas, Microsoft. But you should really stick with what you are good at.

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@harple When he sings, my pubes actually uncurl & stand on end, no really.

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One that I don’t hate on, but has been hated on by some is this one. (Might be NSFW. If you’re grossed out by female bodily functions, well… too bad!) lol

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Remember octomom? She is now endorsing Octoloans in TV commercials. Not even fucking kidding. <bangs head on desk>

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@augustlan I just saw that commercial! OMG it’s horrible. I guess she needs money to take care of all those kids.

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Mainly just commercials that are way overplayed. Like this one. It was funny the first 50 times, now it’s just irritating.

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