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What kind of story do you think A Hat For All Seasons would be?

Asked by Nullo (21978points) July 19th, 2012

A phrase originally pertaining to an actual hat, but it seems like a title in search of its book.
A quick Googlage does not turn up any actual narrative products by this name.

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The story of Sir Thomas More, from the perspective of his hat. :p

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It would be a comedy, set in the 1920s, Jeeves-and-Wooster style, about a fashion-conscious young dandy and his exploits throughout the year.

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A whimsical tale of climate change, by the ghost of Dr. Seuss when he is feeling lazy.

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Science fiction novel about a smart hat that takes over the mind of its wearer.

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An around the world espionage/spy thriller.

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The story of Sir Thomas Less?

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The memoirs of a man who spent 30 years living in the wild on his own.

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The memoirs of a bald man.

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A hair-raising expose about the invention of the toupee.

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