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Where can I find a Parapsychologist in Alberta?

Asked by talljasperman (21910points) July 19th, 2012

I would like to find a good one who can help adults in the Alberta area.

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What exactly are your parameters for a “good” one?

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Look online. Is there a Canadian Parapsychological Association?

JFK University in Pleasant Hill CA has a parapsychology department.

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@zenvelo Does it? I don’t see that.

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They ought to be able to find you if you really needed them (like in the movie Poltergeist).

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@RocketGuy It always cracked me up to see signs with the words “psychic faire (sic)” with the date and the time. I mean, if they’re psychic, shouldn’t they already know?

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Parapsychology is not a field in which people are accredited or licensed. That makes it hard to find someone interested who is truly knowledgeable is psychic phenomena such as ESP. Are you sure that is what you are looking for? Terminology can be confusing.

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@Dr_Lawrence I have questions about endless premonitions, precognition, and endless reincarnation that I would like to ask a master.

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I am interested myself, if you want somebody who you can trust about these types of things, study up on it yourself. If you want to bounce some ideas or experiences around, or share your experience, try me! I’m in Alberta.

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