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How do I explain a traumatic psychic experience without proof?

Asked by SpideySense (212points) July 23rd, 2012

I had traumatic psychic experience while playing a Dungeons and Dragons game in 2005. I spewed the entire story-line to the movie “Superman Vs. the Elite” to some acquaintances. The move was made in 2012. My name never appeared in any of the credits. How can I find out what happened? I have lost contact with all of the friends.

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It was probably a coincidence. Were your friends involved with the script for the movie? If not, you are probably out of luck. You did not have they story written down and it was not protected by copyright.

Lesson learned: don’t talk to a lot of people about your ideas or experiences if you plan to commercialize them.

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@marinelife I don’t remember many of the friends names… I was asking them for help in exchange for the movie so they don’t owe me anything. I found out that what I might be suffering from Is something similar to a migraine the doctors are looking into it. My friends ended up helping me.

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Welcome to Fluther.

Relax. Movies are generally not made on the basis of the ravings of teenagers having psychotic breaks. So, despite your assessment that you “spewed the entire story-line” in 2005 to a movie that wouldn’t be released for another seven years, it’s unlikely that you did that “from scratch”. That is, I question what is the basis for the movie? Another comic book series? You didn’t write that, too, did you?

The reason that your name doesn’t appear on the credits to the movie is that no one outside of your circle of friends who was present has any idea of what you did (and it is very likely that their recollection of the event would be very different from your own).

When you ask, rhetorically I’m sure, “How can I find out what happened?”, the answer to that is in the details above that rhetorical question. That is, you assume that you already know what happened; you’re unlikely to be disabused of that notion.

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According to Wikipedia, “Superman vs. The Elite is an animated superhero film based on ‘What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?’, the story published in the comic book Action Comics #775 (March 2001)”. This means that you could have simply read the storyline from that comic, which is also the storyline to the movie.

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If you are saying that you dreamed up the story line and then somebody else stole it and cashed in on it, I have discouraging news. I don’t think anybody is going to believe you.
So, I suggest thay you find something else to think about before you drive yourself into another traumatic psychic experience.

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@PhiNotPi this doesn’t really work if you provide a reasonable response based on the application of logic and common sense

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I don’t see what’s psychic about this. You read an old comic, forgot about it and subsequently recalled it subconsciously, believing it to be an original storyline when it wasn’t. You told that story to your friends. A few years later, some writers somewhere else used the same comic storyline to make a movie. There is no connection between you or your friends and the writers. There is no psychic activity going on, it’s just the normal way memory works in everyone.

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