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What's the story behind your avatar?

Asked by jstringham21 (640points) June 1st, 2008

Mine is simple. It’s me.

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It was taken by a friend of mine on probably the sunniest day of the year. :)

edit: Also, it’s me, obviously.

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Mine’s simple too. It’s a bunch of wildflowers that I came across when I went to the beach to take pictures.

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@wildflower: It sort of looks like an alligator with weird spines. The avatars should be bigger. :)

robmandu's avatar

@richardhenry, this help?

And yes, I agree both with your initial interpretation and suggested improvement. ;-D

jstringham21's avatar

What about you, robmandu?

wildflower's avatar

alligator?? Think that may be the seaweed, but I never even thought of that…..which is odd, since alligators aren’t too far from beaked creatures…

bulbatron9's avatar

Well, now mine is me with Vancouver B.C. in the background!

I change it every couple of weeks!

robmandu's avatar

@j, mine‘s more legend than story, really.

Theotherkid's avatar

The idea of the avatar just popped into my head. There’s not much of a story to mine.

Harp's avatar

Mine’s a bit of the last harp I built.

DeezerQueue's avatar

I love potato chips.

row4food's avatar

Mine is the icon for my hard drive, which is named ‘underoos’

Tennis5tar's avatar

My cat sat in parcel wrapping paper on x-mas day… she looked squishy so I took a photo.

GD_Kimble's avatar

New Orleans Saints logo

iwamoto's avatar

it’s me, a bit cryptic

pplufthesun's avatar


sndfreQ's avatar

I like orange and blue, and the image (a screenshot of a screensaver app) kind of resembles an abstract jellyfish or sea creature (IMO).

St.George's avatar

Mine is the department where I used to live. 64 = Aquitaine.

Breefield's avatar

Mine was taken the day I broke my aviators :( I was at an amusement park.

loser's avatar

did my answer get deleted?

TheHaight's avatar

It’s just me.
@Deezer, you silly potato chip! :) its you!

DeezerQueue's avatar

@TheHaight Mr. Potato Chip Head.

PupnTaco's avatar

Mine is the old logo from the ‘60s/‘70s SoCal fast food chain Pup ‘n’ Taco. They were bought out by Taco Bell in the early ‘80s and all locations were either remolded or demolished. Fast-forward to 2004 – the logo trademark had expired and was marked as “dead” by the US Patent Office. I grabbed the domain for my blog and started selling T-shirts.
It’s kind of a “secret handshake” – anyone who recognizes the logo must’ve grown up in SoCal in the ‘70s, so we instantly have something in common.

AstroChuck's avatar

This cute little flat top headed crumb cruncher is moi, circa 1967. Don’t you just want to pinch his little cheeks ‘till they bleed?

wizard's avatar

@AstroChuck, brotherly love man, maybe not SO much…

elchoopanebre's avatar

Mine is a picture of John Bonham (Led Zeppelin’s drummer).

I was watching a compilation of Led Zeppelin interviews and live shows online and a shot of him smiling really weirdly came up so I captured the image.

If it were only larger you’d see how weird his smile looks.

wizard's avatar

Is there a way to view a larger version of your picture elchoopinebre?

lovelyy's avatar

It’s me…I used photobooth on my computer?? Ha there isn’t really a story behind it.

@theotherkid; I love your avatar it’s adorable.

richardhenry's avatar

@loser: Nope, it must not have posted properly. Try again.

Adina1968's avatar

It is my cat Siamese Cat Otto. I rescued him. He would love to Fluther if he knew how to type.:-)

playthebanjo's avatar

mine is a banjo

osullivanbr's avatar

mine is also quite simple. It’s me. Me and some friends went to the beach for a party and I got quite badly sunburnt :-(

Terrible painful it was too

playthebanjo's avatar

it reminds me of Clifford, the big red dog.

osullivanbr's avatar

yes actually I rather that. I meant to so say it was Clifford, the big red dog.

What I wrote earlier was obviously a typo. You know yourself, typing on the ol iPhone and all that.


El_Cadejo's avatar

My avatar as about as cool as you can get, i mean after all it is cool spot. ^_^ man they need to bring him back.

iwamoto's avatar

jackson, im telling you, fidodido is the real deal, anyway, i think you should take Vladimir as your avatar, he’s just so bad ass

buster's avatar

my avatar is a picture bulbatron took in the shed of shred. if you dont know about the shed of shred its a building with a mini-ramp in it. its were we drink and skate and hide from our women.

Foolaholic's avatar

I’m currently really into the BBC TV series Dr. Who, so my avatar is the current actor playing the Doctor, David Tennant. I have the first three seasons saved on my laptop, and at one point I went through the whole thing and took all the snapshots I could of Tennant making funny faces. This was my favorite.

For larger image, click here

seVen's avatar

i got a jelly fish because it likes me, it came to me as I registered somehow :)

richardhenry's avatar

@seVen: He’s your squishy. And he will be yours. Your squishy.

spendy's avatar

I just like “leaving and impression”, hence, the footprint. ;) Made mine on the computer.

Trustinglife's avatar

In my photo, I was just discovering that I could take photos of myself in the mirror with my iPhone – and you could see me!

@robmandu or anyone, how do you enlarge someone’s avatar photo like that?

DeezerQueue's avatar

@Trustlinglife Resizing up is far more complicated than resizing down. In order to effectively scale up a person needs specific software, or scale up in increments of 25, which does not necessarily guarantee a good result, particularly if one is working with an image that is a mere 40×40 pixels, as is the case with the Fluther avatars.

The site uses programming language that resizes down any images that are uploaded to the server to its acceptable size of 40×40 pixels. The larger image of wildflower’s avatar is the one that she uploaded to the server.

The list of jelly avatars can be found here and I’m trusting that the moderators will remove this link if they don’t want it shown here.

DeezerQueue's avatar

@richardhenry You can probably remember the date as well, taking into consideration the weather there!

Sueanne_Tremendous's avatar

I’m an older lady (not quite yet 50) and I like to think I am still pretty sexy so I wanted to show off a little. My first avatar was deemed not safe for work by the mods (It was a tasteful lingerie shot) which made me feel pretty good. I’ve never thought of myself as unsafe for work, but hey, I can add it to the list! So, my av is a shot of my foot in my shoe.

wildflower's avatar

In fairness, I don’t think this site is for showing off lingerie – or banana-hammocks (before any of the blokes start getting ideas)

robmandu's avatar

@trustinglife: Most people, when they upload an avatar photo to Fluther, use an image larger than the 40×40 thumbnail displayed here.

So, what Fluther does is it makes a copy of the photo you uploaded and inserts the string “_thumb” in the filename.

For example, your original photo was a good size. I was able to get to it by:

1. right-clicking on your thumbnail image and getting the image address. Note the “_thumb” in the filename at the end.
2. Copy that url, remove the “_thumb” portion, and input the resulting url into the browser (or your Fluther textile markup).
3. Voila! Big pic.

Remember, it only works for those pics that were large to begin with. My avatar has nowhere to go as I uploaded something close to the Fluther thumbnail size to begin with. You’d hafta get crazy with some dedicated software, like @deezer suggests, to get my avatar any larger.

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@ Wildflower: That’s what I gathered from the mods, thusly I changed.

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@Deezer and Robmandu, I bow to your technical excellence. Thank you!

robmandu's avatar

[Disclaimer]: I have no direct, insider knowledge of Fluther. So, please, any thing I say about the workings of Fluther should taken with a good-sized grain of salt.

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Mine is a space ship (enlarge it and you will see me riding in it). It’s from a mural at Disney’s California Adventure. Those with great stomachs were riding the Tower of Terror and I sat down in the shade while I was waiting for them. I happened to notice this beautiful tile mural behind me, of all sorts of found things and starting photographing segments of it. When I got home, I edited out my favorite portions of it. The avatar is one of those.

scamp's avatar

I just did a google search on my user ID and found this one. No mysterious story to it, sorry.

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@scamp; for the longest time I always thought you made your avatar ha.

scamp's avatar

ha ha! I wish! I’m not that creative!!

Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter's avatar

Is my answer even necessary? lol

scamp's avatar

I gave you some lurve for not saying it! Thanks so much for the restraint!

Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter's avatar

well i don’t need to, because everyone knows :D

El_Cadejo's avatar

The Master of Masters, the Deliverer of Darkness, the Shogun of Sorrow, AKU

man i miss samurai jack.

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My little baby girl is my newest avatar! I’ll probably keep this one, until I take a better picture of her!

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