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Would you rather look better in person or in photos?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) July 25th, 2012

Also, have you ever seen someone hot online but then looked not all that in person?

I know many would probably say in person but if you think about it, when you’re a very old person looking back on photos showing you’re grandchildren you could be saying, “I didn’t look like that!”
For me, it takes 50 shots before I see at least one that I kinda like. I’m not very photogenic but in person I look a lot better.

There was this very pretty model on Facebook. This guy I know is dating an import model with exotic looks of Mexican/Asian roots. She has a pretty good fan base and people adore her for her looks. Anyways, I saw her in person and she didn’t look like her photos. Well, you can tell it was her and she was still cute and attractive BUT she didn’t look gorgeous and jaw dropping like in her photos. You can also see the caked on make-up. Now that I see her photos online I’m thinking she looks different in person and doesn’t look like that lol.

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I’d rather look better in person. I tend to be very photogenic but I feel that I look bad in person.

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I’d rather look better in a cocktail dress & a stunning pair of Jimmy Choo’s, alas my skinny ankles & hairy legs are always going to hold me back.

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This is a very easy question for me to answer, in person. I know that if I look good in person, then I really do look good. Personally I like the way I look in mirrors vs the way I look in photos anyways.

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Paradox, I like when I look in a mirror and I’m like “I need to take a pic! I look nice today!” and then when I do take the pic I look ugly and different…50 shots later I’m like WTF! lol

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There is a lot of serious photo-shopping going on in most photo shoots. Most models look quite a bit more like ordinary people in real life compared to the photos that are published.

Most of my snapshots of people that I show to more than a few people are photoshopped. You should think of photos more as art than as a representation of the real. As art, it is a representation of the ideal, not the real. It will always be thus forever more. If you want to look great in a photo, you need to photoshop it.

In addition, there are people who photo well, and there are those who just can’t get a break from a photo. Some people even look better in photos than real life before they’ve been photoshopped.

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I have a conceited friend…VERY conceited. She’s okay in person honestly but pretty in pics. Even voted Most Photogenic when she tried out for a beauty pageant.

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I look better in real life than in photos, and I prefer it that way.

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In person I guess. I’m not that photogenic.

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I’m very photogenic, but I’d still want to look better in person.
Almost everyone looks better in pictures.

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Hm. Definitely better in person. I’m a camera whore xD I take 50 million photos before I make one I like. Also, there are so many editing sites now. You can make yourself a completely different person. You can make yourself drop dead gorgeous, and then people see you in person and are like WTF you’re nothing like that. It makes you kind of fake. So, definitely I’d want to look better in person. I’m not very photogenic at all, I think.

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I have always looked better in person than in photos and I am okay with this. I would rather look good in person. I do hate photos of me though. My oldest daughter is a very pretty girl but she always looks stunning in photos. She is very photogenic.

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@chelle21689 “I like when I look in a mirror and I’m like “I need to take a pic! I look nice today!” and then when I do take the pic I look ugly and different” That is one of the reasons why I’m not a big fan of having my picture taken. Cameras, unlike mirrors seem to distort your physical features and skin coloration. There are some photos that I like of myself, but not too many.

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I work with models and I have learned that you cannot judge their looks from their portfolio shots. If you want to see what they “really” look like you need to see their polaroids with no makeup. But doesn’t this teach you something about the nature of beauty and of our idealization of it? Even the most beautiful women can look very hum drum in “real life”. The magic comes with special lighting, makeup, etc. In real life the magic is created by the eyes of the beholder.

A photo is so stark and uncompromising without the art of showing a person in their best light. If we were all taking photos for posterity, if we really believed that this is how we would go down in history and be viewed by our ancestors and various random strangers, then any reasonably accurate studio or non professional pic might do. But I tend to think that we all want more from a picture than that. I know I do. I love the photos, often candid photos, that seem to capture the essence of personality. It’s that ephemoral but all important aspect of what makes us who we are. Sure, it’s vain to want it captured and documented but we do crave it as a form of immortality.

I like to look for this quality in old photos; I have collected sepia images of strangers and old snapshots at flea markets that have a special quality, a quality of having captured a moment that will never recur. I especially love children’s photos and wedding photos. These old sepia images go for a song….I find that rather sad. I buy them and keep them in an old wooden chest I have with leather straps. I want to use some of them as the basis for paintings.

Yet, much as I’d like to go down as a beauty and inspire some obscure random artist to paint me in some future generation (seeing as the grandchild avenue is out) I would much prefer to be a beauty in this life. This is so even though I am married. Does beauty have a use other than attracting a mate? Yes.

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So sad, but I hate pictures of me. Niece just did a photo shoot of me, and I didn’t react well to the results. She had some good shots, but I didn’t like having to face the facts. So the cd she gave still sits next to the computer waiting for me to brave looking at it again. She is becoming a good photographer, and definitely wants practice with live models, not necessarily me.

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Well, I’d rather look good in person, but if I know I’m going to be in a place where photographs may be taken, I take a picture of myself and judge it mercilessly, change the things that didn’t photograph well, take another, and do it again and again until I get things right. (Bronzer photographs really well. I might look a little too dark in person, but if I know there will be pics, I put a lot on.)

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At this point, I would have to opt for photos.

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@Some_Ghost – I hate to be the one to break this to you but you probably wouldn’t show up. We might see a bit of a light or a hazy image but not the old you.

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I’d rather look better in person, like an under promise and over delivery thing. I also look ravishing in photo’s I’m not so sure I do in real life.

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@Bellatrix Aye, although I figured some old photos of me might still exist, somewhere in the world…otherwise, too right, I only appear in choppy Youtube videos now.

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