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How do I stop myself from crying for stupid reasons?

Asked by chiraag06 (10points) July 25th, 2012

I cry often. From the beginning of my life/childhood.
I am emotional and a soft guy. Tears roll down when I argue with a friend or just a argument with my YOUNGER SISTER.
It is really embarrassing to cry for these silly reasons.
Can anyone help me being a stronger person who doesn’t shed tears for everything?

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Welcome to fluther, @chiraag06.

Not crying doesn’t necessarily mean you are a “stronger person.” Nothing wrong with being an emotional guy; don’t be hard on yourself for being the way you are.

But I’ve cried very easily most of my life as well. If you feel like you are about to cry in a situation where you would rather not do so, you can try taking deep breaths from your diaphragm, to focus your attention somewhere other than your face, or you can try yawning, or just making the motion like you are yawning. It sounds strange, but I learned from a very early age that yawning can hold the tears back.

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If it’s any help, my older brother and my dad cry whenever we fight. Or pretty much with any stress and conflict. It’s what makes us loooove them soooo. It’s because they care, and it’s because you care. The reasons you listed are not “silly” at all. If you cried when you used the last of the milk, then we might have a problem.
I know that didn’t answer the question at all, sorry about that.
My usual answer of “you probably have PMDD like I do” doesn’t seem to apply here.

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How do we know you are crying for stupid reasons? Maybe having an argument with your sister is pretty intense and is a good reason to cry. Maybe you really care about what happens with your sister. It shows you care passionately, in general, which is a good thing.

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To stop crying, stop thinking about what is making you upset. If you turn over the angry/sad thought in your mind over and over again, you will cry about the thought, more than what happened.

Also, take deep breaths. It helps alleviate the feelings, which helps alleviate the tears.

I get angry at myself when I cry, because I don’t find it an acceptable reaction in public, ever. I’m really private, and it is far too personal to let someone, anyone see me cry. If the above tactics don’t work, I take my pride and I use it. I have a ton, and I put it in between me and any other emotions. It works like a charm.

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I understand that crying is not a bad thing. But I want to finish the argument and prove my self
right. But I can’t do that as tears roll down. And in public, it is quite humiliating.

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