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If a question gets a lot of answers or a vibrant comment thread, couldn't one argue that it ought to get get at least one GQ by default?

Asked by josie (30931points) July 25th, 2012

I see questions with really long threads of comments (often by the same people debating each other) and many answers, and yet nobody bothers to give a GQ (until I do). Isn’t it sort of self centered to strut and fret your moment under a question and not give credit to the person who made it possible?

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Sometimes it’s the most ignorant jerks arguing back and forth to no real end. That doesn’t deserve a GQ. I also remember one of your threads I totally hijacked. Now that should have got a GQ. GQ.

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It is what it is.

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Alright. You get a GQ for this (I don’t think that was your aim, but there it is.)

Sometimes a question is total shite, but it spurs great discussion. Do I have to recognize the OP for something that came out of it?

Sometimes I do. Sometimes it was still a shite question with happy results.

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One can always argue about what ought to happen, but that don’t make it so, Joe.

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99% of the time I do give any question that I respond to a GQ vote. I’m probably one of the lone cats who gives your questions a GQ vote too, when I respond that is. I don’t think it is fair of people to attack others questions as being stupid either, since that is highly subjective. Who knows what the reasons are why people lurve the way that they do, and maybe I don’t want to know.

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One can argue anything. It still does not mean it needs to have some rule that it is GQ.

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I think Obama is to blame.

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No, sometimes the Q, itself, is rather mundane, but the discussion that follows might be great simply because of the mood of the Jellies on any particular evening (or how drunk they were), or it might just be bickering back and forth, which is not so great. Some of the best Q’s might have only one answer, therefore not needing any more discussion than the exact answer.

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And sometimes the discussion is so good that you’re too wrapped up in it to remember to give a GQ, even when it deserves one.

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I often give questions a GQ even if I don’t post on them and am just lurking.

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Sure why not.

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Lurve is an individual process. There are no lurve giving rules.

I’m the type of person that says “Hi” when someone walks by me on the street. Others purposefully avoid eye contact. <—-To me, lurve is the same type of thing…it’s just the internet version of real life.

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@SpatzieLover : Really? You say “hi” to every random person who walks past you on the street? How do you ever get anywhere? Or do you live in the country?

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I live in a nice ‘burb village @bookish1. But even when I walk in downtown Milwaukee I either nod or say Hi. Midwesterners tend to be nice ;)

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Giving a great question is free of cost, so why do we need to think what others are doing?
I am giving you a GQ.

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@SpatzieLover : Gotcha. Back home in a mid-sized Southern city I’ll give a nod to people I pass on the street, but that’s all. I’ve had trouble readjusting to very different social rules in the city I’m in right now… To be polite, you should say the appropriate greeting of the hour to anyone you happen to see indoors, but people would never respond to you if you said Hi to them on the street!

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