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Do you decide a question is Great based on solely on the question, or on question + details?

Asked by glacial (12115points) November 23rd, 2012

Sometimes I find myself awarding a Great Question before reading the details, only to find that the question was going in a very different direction than I had imagined. Do you always read the details first?

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Do unto, yes.

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I tend to read the details before bestowing a Great Question. The honor is too high to be flippantly tossed about.

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I give it a GQ if it is, or if the poster doesn’t have very much Lurve. If they have less than 100, I always give GQs and GAs.

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Yes, I have learned to read the details.

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I usually read all the details but on occasion skim them over and then realize I missed something critical. Oh us fast brained slightly ADD types. lol
I give a GQ based on the interest and creative factor. If the topic is of personal interest to me or, is an innovative and creative Q. The more out of the box and inspiring of fun/intelligent discussion, the more likely it is I will give a GQ.

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Yes I read the details first. And I just love great questions!

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I read the details first – They’re really important, and responses can be so far off track if people don’t read them, so as @gailcalled said – do unto others! A GQ is based on the entirety of the question, which includes the details.

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@harple The details are important, but sometimes I read a question and am struck by how profoundly interesting it is… and I just can’t resist clicking the button for the question I want it to be in my own head. :)

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I agree with @harple, the details are very important and often include the real question the OP meant to ask.

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Generally, I only give GQs after I’ve read the details. Learned to do it the hard way, though…I’ve done the same as you in the past @glacial, given a GQ based on the title alone only to be surprised by the details.

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I GQ on the bases if it is a provokative question that sirs the mind or challanges one’s common thoughts or beliefs.

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Actually there is no specific criteria that I use to give a question lurve/GQ vote outside of the fact that if I was interested enough to respond to it then it deserves at least something in my opinion. There are exceptions to this of course since some ‘questions’ are really rants or the details are ill informed. @Hypocrisy_Central I see many ‘thought provocative’ questions on here that don’t recieve lurve, or very little. Obviously even terms like thought provocative, challenging, different, interesting, etc have subjective meanings to each user.

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I still have not perfected my GQ or GA strategy. Sometimes I feel that compelled to give extra G points because it outstrips my previous standards.
But then if I always withhold waiting for that prime question in which I think deemed ultra inventive or illicits something extra from me I can’t help but feel stingy.

There are so many reasons to give a GQ:
Makes me ponder something new
Is brave
Questions conventions esp the fluther variety
Deals with a topic I am particulary interested in
Invites creativity
Or is asked by a new user
Is of a personal nature and the person is reaching out
Clever wording

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@rosehips “Is brave”

Yes! Indeed.

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Details only.

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I have to read the detail, so both.

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I give a GQ to any question that interests me enough to read through all the responses, whether I answer it or not. If the topic is intriguing enough to hold my interest, I reward it.

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